The 'Vogue' Brazil Cover Is Seriously Steamy, Guys

When you think of Vogue, you probably think of the American version — more specifically Anna Wintour — or maybe even French or British Vogue (my personal favorite). However, there's another that deserves some attention. Vogue Brazil's new cover features Riccardo Tisci and his model muses, according to Fashionista, which is some serious star power. So you might want to add the glossy to your radar. Like STAT.

The Brazilian version of the international fashion magazine just released the October 2015 cover, and not only does it feature Riccardo Tisci alongside his model muses, Mariacarla Boscono and Naomi Campbell, but it also features them in bed together. This cover is seriously steamy, guys.

The cover, meant to congratulate Tisci on his now decade-long run at Givenchy, features the designer lying on a bed, with Campbell and Boscono's bare (save for a pair of white stockings) legs resting atop his. The three are all clad in white, and pose with some brooding bedroom eyes (well, I guess that is probably appropriate) for the sultry shot. It's definitely the most stylish a threesome has ever looked, and they absolutely slay this cover shot. Seriously, this is the definition of #squadgoals.

In all honesty, I can't decide who looks the best. But while we all ponder that, here are several other times Tisci killed it as a cover star.

1. Madame

Liv Tyler + Riccardo Tisci = So. Much. Hotness.

2. Paper

This looked more like a candid photograph than a typical cover, but the unexpected shot totally worked.

3. Highsnobiety

Simple can speak volumes.

4. Dazed & Confused

Clearly, Vogue Brazil wasn't his first sexy cover.

5. i-D

This headline isn't the only thing captivating about this cover.

6. Vogue Japan

Of course he's been on a cover with Kanye.