The New 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Captain Is Intense

Comedy cliffhangers aren't necessary to get audiences begging for more, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine left us with a big one after announcing that Captain Holt was leaving the precinct and someone else would be in charge. We didn't even know until recently that Bill Hader would be playing his replacement. Holt has to come back eventually, but how different is Bill Hader's character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Captain Seth Dozerman will be like nothing we've seen before.

Fox hasn't specified how long Hader will be on the show past the Season 3 premiere, and for good reason. This is a unique opportunity that they have to keep up the tension surrounding Holt's return. The new Captain could be around for one episode, or half the season! The term "guest star" is contractual only. However, if they came right out and said that Bill Hader would only be on the show for a single episode, we'd know right away what the season was going to look like. Either Holt would be back or everything next to normal, or we're looking at a "Captain of the Week" scenario with multiple substitute characters taking a stab at the precinct. Looking at Bill Hader's other work could indicate that he won't be on the show for too long. The Trainwreck star has a lot of upcoming projects, including an Inside Out short film and the film adaptation of Roald Dahl's The BFG.

Basically, we're going to have to appreciate Captain Dozerman while he lasts, and based on what information is out there about his character, that should be quite fun. The many words tossed around to describe Bill Hader's character include "efficient," a "borderline lunatic," and "anal-retentive." In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Andy Samberg also said that he was not "an obvious fit with the precinct." Here's a glimpse at Dozerman's, um, dedication.

Yikes. I think I would say that while Captain Holt and Captain Dozerman have similar values and goals in their role as leader of a police precinct, they have opposite approaches. Bill Hader is not going to be dry like Andre Braugher. He is much louder, more enthusiastic, and maniacal. You have to dig to find Holt's quirky side — Dozerman's right there on the surface.

It'll be interesting to see how he clashes with not only Jake Peralta, but also Amy, Rosa, Terry, Boyle, and especially Gina — though technically she is leaving the precinct as well to be Holt's assistant. Most importantly, it's going to be fun to see Andy Samberg and Bill Hader working together. They were quite the dynamic duo on Saturday Night Live, so this reunion will be sweet for everyone.

Image: John P. Fleenor/FOX