Rachel Zoe's First 'Fashionably Late' Guest Is...

It's a big day in the world of fashion television, because one famous stylist is premiering her new show today with a very special guest. Rachel Zoe is premiering her talk show Fashionably Late with Jessica Alba on Thursday, and based on this sneak peek, the results are totally bananas. The two stars sat down during the first episode where Alba had to answer rapid fire questions like what her beverage of choice is and what designer she would wear head-to-toe for the rest of her life, if she had to choose. Tough journalism at its finest!

When news broke in July that Zoe was getting a talk show called Fashionably Late on Lifetime, fans everywhere rejoiced. According to Entertainment Weekly, the weekly late-night show is filmed in her L.A. office and regularly features Harper's Bazaar editor Derek Blasberg and Zoe's husband Rodger Berman. Celebrities, like Jessica Alba, will appear as special guests, of course. The show will cover everything from style to pop culture, and will air on Thursday nights after Project Runway.

"I wanted to do a talk show because, to make it very simple, I love meeting people and talking to people, and I love having that direct, inquisitive interaction with somebody," Zoe told Entertainment Weekly.

The notoriously blunt stylist wasted no time getting to details in her interview with Jessica Alba, and the actress and entrepreneur revealed a hilarious story about her dad from early in her career. "Any of the athletic events I was invited to, I went to because my dad wanted to go," she said. "And he wanted me to hook up with all the players."

The story came up because the stars were discussing a photo of Alba from a previous event. She remembered that night because a football player hit on her, and her dad was totally into it. Apparently her sports-loving dad really wanted an athlete son-in-law. Alba also revealed she would attend any sporting events she was invited to early in her career because it was so much fun for her dad. Awww.

You'll have to watch the show to hear her tell the entire story, but check out the clip below to see Alba answer Zoe's tough quick questions.

The celebs were clearly having a blast on set judging by Zoe's Instagram account.

Zoe even stopped by Alba's Honest Beauty pop-up shop this afternoon to show support for her pal. So cute, right?

Given Zoe's roster of famous friends, it looks like this show is going to have quite the list of guests. I, for one, can't wait to watch more.