Cute Snow Boots To Rock This Winter

First thing's first — snow boots should be practical. But practicality doesn't have to mean unfashionable, and this round-up of cute snow boots is bound to make you feel better about the impending chilly doom that is winter. Whether you're a die-hard UGG fan or open to cutting edge looks, there's a cute pair of snow boots for you.

If you're still wrapped up preparing for winter and snow boots aren't even on your radar yet, don't worry! Bustle has you totally covered on everything from winter dresses to defy your seasonal dress prejudices to super cute and warm workout clothes for winter, so you don't freeze your booty off during a run.

If don't live wear it snows during the winter, I totally won't judge you for purchasing a pair of the cute snow boots below anyway. Who says you have to have snow to be a snow bunny? Perhaps it's also a good incentive to plan a snowboarding or skiing trip this winter.

If you needed even more reason to invest in a cute pair of snow boots, rest assured the god of shoes, Manolo Blahnik, approves. In an interview with Fashionista, Blahnik even went so far as to call snow boots "chic." What more encouragement do you need people?!

1. Jet Black L.L. Bean

You know for a fact these shoes are going to keep your feet warm and, on top of that, the icy blue laces make for a super sleek contrast!

(Jet Black Snow Boot, $129, L.L.Bean)

2. ThermoBall

You just know a boot called "thermoball" is going to be warm, and I am loving the burst of colors.

(Thermoball, $109.95, The NorthFace)

3. "Joan Of Arctic" Wedge Boot

The wedged heel makes it hard to tell this is even a snow boot.

(Wedge, $239.95, SOREL)

4. "Elsa" Waterproof Boot

OK yeah, I'm totally obsessed with the orange laces and bottom on these. So. Cool.

(Elsa, $129.95, Keen)

5. "Tivoli II Go" Waterproof Boot

You definitely won't go unnoticed in these firecracker babies!

(Tivoli, $129.95, Sorel)

6. "Varsovie II" Waterproof Boot

For a classic snow boot look, this is a great choice. And you guys, the insoles even have MEMORY FOAM. Heaven.

(Varsovie 2, $239.95, Pajar)

7. Bridgeton Wedge Lace Boot

A sleek and chic lace up wedge that's ready to battle any snowstorm in style.

(Bridgeton, $164.95, NorthFace)

8. Extreme H2O Boot

Another killer option for the classic riding/snow boot look.

(H2OBoot, $239.95, Ariat)

9. Lace-Up Boot

I'm shamelessly Hunter-obsessed and so digging this unique forest green hue!

(Original Boot, $235, Hunter)

Image Credit: Maria Morri/Flickr