Olivia & Fitz Are A Legit Couple, & It's Bizarre

Listen, I'm well aware that Scandal Season 4 ended on a good note for my least favorite TV couple, Olivia and FItz, but I was still hoping that when we caught up with them this fall, something would have changed. The bad news: It didn't. The good news? For the vast number of fans who disagree with me, this is a Very Good Thing. Olivia and Fitz are very much together in the Scandal Season 5 premiere, and for the first time in the show's history, they're actually acting like a normal couple.

Of course, they're not acting like a couple in public just yet for obvious reasons, but seeing them interact behind closed doors? You'd almost forget that Fitz isn't the married-but-kinda-separated leader of the free world. They're happy, they're sharing a bed in the White House... wait, is this relationship actually going to work out this time? Judging by the first episode of the season, they're off to a good start. I've always wanted to see my beloved Olivia Pope happy like this, even if I'm not convinced that Fitz is her best match (because that title belongs to Jake Ballard, duh).

That being said? Olivia Pope is still very much Olivia Pope, even in a happy (albeit complicated) relationship.

In fact, she even convinced Fitz to go to Mellie's swearing in ceremony, despite the fact that he's still pissed at her for being involved in the whole jurors on a bus murder thing and was dead set against going. And after he played the role of the proud husband, he hit Mellie (and me, TBH) with a huge bomb: He's filing for divorce and he's going to try to find his happy ending with Olivia now that he has nothing to lose in his second term of presidency.

Wait. We might actually see that cabin dream come to life, guys. Is this for real?!

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC, Giphy