Why Does Huck Need Jake's Help On 'Scandal'?

Even though Huck can be a little scary at times, there's no way you can watch Scandal without wanting to hug this guy. After all he's been through — everything with B613 and being without his wife and son, for starters — he deserves happiness, but he just can't seem to find it. When we last saw Huck, he was under Rowan's thumb, helping him kill jurors on the B613 case on a bus, and after Quinn found out what he did, she threatened to kill him for killing so many people. And being that he and Quinn are so close and that he's so scarred by the things that have happened in his past, it's no surprise that in the Scandal Season 5 premiere, Huck has to ask Jake for help so that he can get better.

At first, Huck went to Olivia looking for help, because he just wants to be reunited with his family again — the same goal he's had for the past two seasons. But he wants to be "fixed" first, and that's not something Olivia's capable of. Olivia Pope can handle a great many things, but putting people back together again from the inside out? Not exactly what she's trained for. So Huck went looking for the next best thing: Jake Ballard.

Unfortunately, Jake barely made an appearance on the season premiere — much to my dismay and the dismay of anyone who enjoys looking at Scott Foley as much as I do. But when Huck knocked on his door and asked for his help, it seemed like he was going to try, and really, he's the best guy for the job.

Since Jake was involved in B613, though, and knows the intimate details of what Huck has gone through, he definitely has a better understanding of the trauma he's suffering from. He even testified in the same trial before the bus incident happens, so he can understand Huck's fear in following Rowan's orders, too.

Huck deserves his happy ending, and I'm hoping Jake can get him there. Besides, whatever it takes to keep Jake on screen, I'm totally good with. Boo Fitz!

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC (2)