Adam Scott & Ben Wyatt Have Something In Common

He will forever be known to Parks and Recreation fans as Ben Wyatt, the beloved man who stole Leslie Knope's heart, supported her no matter what, and fought for gender equality. Well, it seems that like Ben Wyatt, Adam Scott is a feminist, too, his wife and movie producer Naomi Scott reveals while chatting with Bustle about The Overnight, which she produced and which stars her husband. She says, "Adam is a feminist, I’m a feminist, and we’ve always felt that we connect with characters that were strong... in the sense of not being afraid to show emotion." She adds, "I truly think it’s just part of our DNA, just how we think."

I don't know about you, but I just became more attracted than I already am to Adam. He definitely stole my heart throughout the entire Parks and Recreation series (like he did Leslie's) and now to hear that he believes in gender equality? Naomi, you are one lucky lady. And, Adam, you are also one lucky man to have such a creative and intelligent woman as your partner.

Hmm... they kind of resemble Leslie and Ben, don't they? You know what else? Ben would be so proud to know that Adam is a feminist. I mean, why wouldn't he be? On multiple occasions Ben let his feminist side show and I have a feeling Adam channels his former role from time to time. Here are a few Ben Wyatt feminist moments I'm sure Adam looks to when it comes to becoming an even more dedicated feminist.

When Ben Supported Leslie

This is the best Ben and Leslie feminist moment, in my opinion. During Pawnee's annual Pie-Mary pie baking contest, Leslie refused to participate and Ben backed her 100 percent.

When He Made Leslie Dinner

Switching up those old-fashioned gender roles! Too bad it wasn't his famous calzones.

When He Encouraged Her To Go After Her Dreams

Yep, he definitely was Leslie's better half.

Every Time He Called Her "Amazing"

Need I say more?

Reporting by Rachel Simon.

Images: buckysbarnnes, ameliaponds (4), donnanople/Tumblr