A Marnie The Dog Book Is Coming To Awww You

One of Instagram's most famous pups is coming to a bookshelf near you. That's right, there's a Marnie the Dog book coming out October 27. You want the cute? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE CUTE.

Marnie is a 12-year-old Shih Tzu living in New York City. Two years ago, she was a 10-year-old shelter dog named Stinky, who was rescued from the mean streets of Connecticut in 2012. After a few good baths and some tooth extractions, Stinky became Marnie, "the most popular rescue dog on Instagram."

There's no mistaking it: Marnie is a senior dog. Everyone will be happy to know that this old lady is incredibly healthy. She still has good vision in her cloudy eyes. Her lolling tongue is just made that way, and she can put it away when she wants. Senior dog owners will recognize Marnie's signature nod as a lingering sign of Vestibular Syndrome, a relatively harmless condition that causes severe dizziness for a brief period and can cause a permanent head tilt in affected canines, even after its other symptoms have disappeared.

Marnie's a real hipster. She loves to brunch on "muffins, greek yogurt and eggs." She's never camera-shy and always photogenic. Marnie is always up for a long walk with her "bae": owner Shirley Braha. With 3 million social media followers, she's one of the most recognizable dogs of all time, right up there with Snoopy and Scooby-Doo.

You can preorder Marnie the Dog: I'm a Book from your favorite retailer. While you wait for October 27 to roll around, start following Marnie's adventures on the social network of your choice. Here are some of her best Instagram posts to get you started.

Keep doing you, Marnie. We love you.

Image: marniethedog/Instagram