How Trevor Noah Will Change 'The Daily Show'

A new era in satirical TV journalism begins Sept. 28, when Trevor Noah makes his debut as the new host of The Daily Show. It has been almost three months since Jon Stewart ended his 15-year tenure at the show, and at this point, it will just be nice to have The Daily Show back in any form, Stewart-less as it may be. It's clear that Noah is ready to start getting his hands dirty with the mess that is the 2016 presidential election. But what will be different about The Daily Show with Noah behind the desk?

When asked about what he wants people to take away from his upcoming first show, Noah told reporters, "The main takeaway is that it’s just the beginning. That’s it.” Noah has big plans to show that he's not just the new guy. As he works to make his name synonymous with The Daily Show, he is going to shift the objectives of the program, while still keeping true to the template Stewart has spent a decade and a half establishing. Thankfully, it sounds like Noah has taken this into consideration, and already has some plans for how he's going to make The Daily Show his own.

He's Changing The Set — Just A Little Bit

Stewart's set for The Daily Show changed multiple times over the years. So it's no surprise that Noah is making a new one all for himself. It's a sleek, stylish set well-suited for a sleek, stylish host.

A "Progressive" Viewpoint

Noah has openly stated that he considers himself neither a conservative nor a liberal, but a "progressive," which should provide for a different approach to current events from Stewart's.

Different Targets

Fox News was Stewart's biggest target during his tenure on the show, and he also sought to mock other 24-hour cable channels, like CNN and MSNBC. Noah, however, seeks to go after different fodder. In an interview with The Independent, he said that with his new show, he hopes to poke fun at "the Gawkers, the Buzzfeeds," and the way that the Internet has affected how news is reported and shared. Noah seeks to create the Daily Show that 2015 needs.

A Unique Perspective

Noah was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, as opposed to Stewart's New Jersey roots. His attitude towards American politics will provide for a distinctive commentary on them, as well as our national culture as a whole. Noah previously hosted a late-night show in South Africa, and now has a daily platform to hold a mirror up to America. In a world in which people are actively trying to cut funding to institutions like Planned Parenthood and Donald Trump is a popular candidate for president, a mirror is exactly what America needs right now. And Trevor Noah is a great candidate to hold it.

Images: Peter Yang/Comedy Central; Giphy (2)