7 Things We Already Know About Noah's 'Daily Show'

It's weird to think that Monday night starts an era of The Daily Show without Jon Stewart, but the times, they are 'a changing. Maybe even for the better. OK, that's a bit of a bold assertion before the first episode has premiered. However, I know we're all looking forward to see what Trevor Noah has to offer The Daily Show . In fact, Bustle got to visit The Daily Show set early Friday morning, and we have a few tidbits about the new Daily Show With Trevor Noah to bring back to you.

Now, highlight on "a few," because The Daily Show was pretty tight-lipped when it came to any specific secrets about this new iteration of the show. We have a few more days to go before we get all the deets, or even knowledge of what specific jokes will be told in the coming weeks. But one thing that's for certain is that The Daily Show premiere will be broadcasted across all of Viacom's networks. That is, it'll be simulcasted across not only Comedy Central, but the likes of MTV, VH1, BET, TVLand, CMT, Nick at Nite and so on. So no excuses, guys, you have to check it out.

And you can do that by tuning in on Monday September 25 at 11:00 p.m. ET. Until then, here is what we were able to suss out from our visit.

1. Noah Plans To Block Out The Idea Of Competition And Focus On Himself

When asked how he plans to stand out in the circuit, Noah referred back to his stand-up roots. He told reporters, "It’s funny, people say late night is crowded, I always say to people, 'then you clearly haven’t seen the comedy scene.' Because that’s the world I live in. Comedy’s crowded. There’s hundreds of comedians — thousands, in fact! — in every place in the world." He followed up by saying he didn't plan on looking at others because it would be "impossible undertaking." Instead, he said, "All I can focus on is doing Trevor to the best of my abilities, getting The Daily Show to perform to the best of its ability, and then we go from there. I’ve never looked at how many people there are. I can only look at myself, and, when I’m on stage, that’s all I’m in charge of.” Smart!

2. Noah Has Definite Plans To Keep This Party Going

This isn't just about the big night itself; it's about a newer, slightly different Daily Show. We asked what Noah wants audiences to take away from his first night manning The Daily Show, and he exclusively told Bustle, "The main takeaway is that it’s just the beginning. That’s it." Insert mic drop here.

3. However Noah Is Living In The Now Instead Of Worrying About The Future

We wanted to know what legacy Noah wants to leave behind, but Noah told us that he didn't want to limit himself to that right now, thinking it was aiming too far to think of a legacy before day one. Then he explained his mentality to Bustle in a way that was totally zen:

I go hiking a lot, and one thing you learn is, don’t look at the top — just look at the step that’s ahead of you, one step at a time. If you look too far ahead, you trip on what’s right in front of you. So the legacy, I believe, will be fulfilled by what I’ve done up until that point. Every step I take, every move I make, will get me to a place — and then, at some point, I’ll turn around, and I’ll look, and I’lll go, “oh, that was my legacy,” as opposed to trying to create a legacy. I try to improve myself as a person, and I hope that, when I get to a certain point, I’ll look back and I’ll go, “oh, that is what I achieved.”

4. "Every Guest Is There For a Reason"

Sometimes we look into the significance of a particular guest to late night TV, but Noah assured reporters that the reasons for the first week of Daily Show guests are all there — because he knew we'd all be looking for meaning in the line-up.

Kevin Hart is a rock star comedian who has broken many boundaries... He has gone from being the best black comedian, to being the best comedian, and now he's just Kevin Hart. Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur, CEO of Bumble. She's overcome the challenges of figuring out her place in an all male world... Chris Christie is running for president, and he's a Republican. I thought that would be interesting, to have an honest conversation. Not to start a fight, but just let's see where this goes. So the show is still political. And Ryan Adams is a mix of many different worlds of music... He’s done, in essence, what we’ve done here, in that he’s taken something that was loved by many — cherished by many — and he’s created a new version of it for himself, and people have gone, "Wow, this is actually amazing." We can still like Taylor Swift, but we can also like Ryan Adams’ 1989.

So there you have it: they're all just a interesting cast of characters.

5. Jessica Williams Loves Bustle

NO JOKE, AND IT'S THE ENDORSEMENT OF THE CENTURY! When our reporters approached her, she said, "I love the Bustle girls!" How exciting!

6. She Is An Absolute Delight

Not that we didn't already gather this from segments like the brilliant campus sexual assault tips, but we're glad to have this confirmed in real life. We love you, too, Williams!

7. And, Of Course, Tanya Ghahremani Will Be Joining As A Correspondent

JK, she won't be quitting her day job as one of Bustle's Associate Entertainment Editors just yet. Suffice to say, fun was had at the site of the new Daily Show, and we look forward to checking in again this Monday during the premiere.

Reporting by Tanya Ghahremani & Kadeen Griffiths

Images: Tanya Ghahremani/Bustle (8)