6 Best Ways To Use The Snapchat Red Face Lens

Snapchatters convene: We have six perfect and hilarious new ways to use the red face lens on Snapchat. The snapchat community got a little shaken up recently when the Snapchat rainbow lens disappeared. I then found alternatives to puking a rainbow on Snapchat, and miraculously, found a rainbow filter — but, it was location specific (great job, West Hollywood!), which put us back at square one. If you're mourning the loss of the rainbow, it's time to pick yourself up, understand that the world isn't filled with rainbows and unicorns. Tough love, baby. Also, it's time to direct your attention to all the new filters Snapchat has to offer.

I have to say, I find the Snapchat filters hella confusing. You have to hold down on your face, but not onto the button that would take the picture. That might sound like elementary to you, my dear Watson, but some of us spent a solid 20 minutes trying to figure out how the hell to add the new lens while taking several horrifying accidental selfies.

Anyway, I finally got around that little conundrum, all in the name of finding y'all the best ways to use the red face thingy. I think this lens is going to get a lot of usage seeing as red is a fall color. And it's creepy, which is right in time for Halloween. Here are six ways to use the Snapchat red face lens:

1. The Au Naturale

As in, the way the Snapchat gods intended it to be used. The original. Can't go wrong.

2. The Spider Man In Red

Loosely based on the villain in Spider-Man (the Green Goblin), but with my own touches, and all in red. Put me next to the Green Goblin and we'd be Christmas colors. (Also, it looks like I'm demanding the recipient opens their mouth, and I apologize for that.)

3. Emoji Eyes

I don't know why the "crying with joy" emojis seemed appropriate, but it really kicks the creepy factor up a notch.

4. The Existential Crisis

When you need to cover half your face in red, and/or suggest to your friends that you might become a communist... if that's a thing you need to do.

5. The One Where You Blow Smoke Into Your Cup And Make Cold Brew Appear

You'll need a mason jar and a healthy sense of shame.

6. The Pinnacle: The Ultimate Halloween Snap

'Tis the season.

Enjoy playing with the new upgrade, ya filthy, red-eyed animals.

Images: Maya Kachroo-Levine/Snapchat