How To Puke A Rainbow On Snapchat

By now you've seen enough selfies that you're probably wondering how to puke a rainbow on Snapchat. If you fell asleep at the Snapchat wheel this week, though, then you may have missed the news that Snapchat got rid of the puking rainbow lens. Snapchat users everywhere are panicking, because how does one even express themselves without rainbows at their fingertips, ya know? The puking rainbow didn't just represent euphoria, nor was it just a symbol of equality. It was hope. It should have its own damn campaign slogan, and people should be petitioning for it. I mean, if there's a taco emoji petition, surely we can rally for this too.

The rainbow lens is gone as a result of a new Snapchat update that was rolled out in early September. People can now collect Snapchat trophies, replay snaps (for an additional fee), and use the new and improved lens filters.

There are very few things I'm averse to in this world, but puke and app updates are pretty high on the list. Snapchat is so much fun, but somewhere between all the other apps running on my phone, I lost track of all the updates. And now people are posting "Straight Outta Compton" snaps, and snaps with the temperature, and time, and it goes right over my head. There are filters for different locations, and while I totally enjoyed putting the Minnie Mouse ears on the picture of my beer at Disney World, I had to have a good friend walk me through every step.

Nonetheless, I'm not too heartbroken about the loss of the rainbow puke, because I'm intrigued by the new filters that don't involve showing bodily functions in vibrant colors.

So, For Those Of Your Mourning The Loss Of The Rainbow Lens...

We have solutions. We have the answers you so desperately crave. Sort of. Here are five important things you should try instead:

1. Use The Location Filters And You Might Luck Into A Rainbow

First person to guess where I am wins...

Like, does this photo make me a Snapchat hero? No? K.

2. Fully Commit To The Emojis And Realize It's Just As Satisfying As Puking Rainbows

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

3. Become A Dementor Using The New Selfie Filters

NBD just sucking out Harry's soul BRB.

4. Channel Your Inner V For Vendetta

Sorry, these are all fairly grim answers.

5. Express Your Sadness Over The Death Of The Puking Rainbow

While elongating your face à la those mirrors that stretch your face out in every science museum ever.

Good night and good luck, snap chatters.

Images: Chrissy Teigen/Snapchat; Maya Kachroo-Levine