9 Worst One-Night Stand Stories

Sometimes one-night stands are exactly what you're looking for: sex. And sometimes, one-night stands don't always go the way you planned. But sometimes, the one-night stand horror stories happen after the sex is over and you wake up in the morning. Honesty, I’m not the type to stay the night no matter how late it gets. It’s just not my style, but I’ve heard numerous horror stories from friends who’ve had the unfortunate experience of finding out that, “My roommate will be home any minute,” actually means, “My mom just got done with work.” Trust me. It happens more often than you might think.

In any case, it shouldn’t really matter though, right? After all, the night before, you were looking for a one-night stand, not a life-long partner. Personally, attractive and clean work just fine for me. Because of that, Reddit user, H_Junior recently posed the question: “Reddit, what is your worst experience of waking up after a one night stand?”

Currently, the thread has taken off with over 8,000 comments. Here are nine of the worst one-night stand stories the lovely people of Reddit have experienced. Let’s just say, “Mommy, is this my new daddy?” is a common occurrence.

1. The Thief

2. The One Who Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Bed And A Toilet

3. The One Who's In A Relationship

4. The Stage-Five Clinger

5. The Bad Lay Who's A Straight Up Jerk

6. This Girl

7. The One Who Still Lives With Their Parents — And Leaves You With Them

8. The Ones Who Are Married With Kids And Have Other Surprises To Share

9. The One Who Really Makes You Question Your Life Decisions

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