#DonaldTrumpsGoogleHistory Is Perfect

You've got to give the people of Twitter one thing: Donald Trump might know how to dish it out, but they make sure that he gets a taste of the same every now and then. On Friday, Twitter took on Donald Trump's Google history — that's #DonaldTrumpsGoogleHistory for those of you who're hip to the hashtag game. And all in all, it's pretty hilarious.

The concept is beautifully simple: if you could get a glimpse at the real estate magnate and GOP presidential front-runner's Google search history, what do you think you'd find in there? Obviously, Trump doesn't leave a ton of subtlety, nuance, or confusion about his views — he's exactly the same prickly, no-apologies boor on Monday that he is on Friday, as steady as the rising and setting of the sun.

As a result, just like you might expect, some of the jokes whirling around the hashtag are... similarly unsubtle. Here's a smattering of some of the best, most pointed, most political, and downright inappropriate jokes making the rounds. An important disclaimer, however, obvious as it may sound: some of these jokes may evoke the unpleasant personality and politics of Mr. Donald J. Trump, so exercise your very best judgement.

The Funniest

For the record, because it comes up so often — there is no credible evidence that Donald Trump's hair is fake. It's almost certainly real. And besides, if you were getting fake hair, why would you go that direction?

The Most Political

There's perhaps nothing Trump is fonder of than unscientific post-debate polls — he tweeted out the results of an informal Drudge Report poll after the second GOP presidential debate.

The Angriest

Needless to say, not everybody tweeting on the hashtag is being snarky or sarcastically critical of Trump — some of his vociferous supporters are getting into the act too, coming to the defense of their golden-maned crusader.

The Most Inappropriate

All of these are pretty funny — assuming you're not a die-hard Trump supporter, that is. But it's always worth remembering that for all the jokes about how awful Trump's rhetoric has been on Latinos, and how laughable it seems that he stirs up conspiracy theories about President Obama's birthplace, these things could be of dire consequence to countless people if he were somehow elected. In short, sometimes the funniest jokes can also be the saddest.