Backstreet Boys Moves Nick Carter Needs On 'DWTS'

One of Season 21's competitors Nick Carter has a long history of dancing beyond his appearance on this season of Dancing With The Stars. His time as a member of the Backstreet Boys exposed him to a lifestyle of pop stardom and late-90's dance choreography that has defined his life since. The Backstreet Boys didn't become one of the best boy bands in history simply by having good voices and looking cute, they also had to show that they were able to rock some sweet moves to work their way into the hearts of millions. Now that he's on DWTS, Carter needs to use everything he's ever learned about dancing if he wants to win. So, which classic Backstreet Boys moves could possibly help Nick Carter win Dancing With The Stars ?

Nick Carter has to pull out the big guns if he wants America to vote for him to win Dancing With The Stars, and a great place to start is for Carter to appeal to his fanbase. While the Backstreet Boys didn't have any dance moves as iconic as *NSYNC's "Bye, Bye, Bye" motion, they still spent a lot of time perfecting and polishing their routines as they toured across the world. If Carter is willing to dig into his back catalog of dance moves, he's going to find some real gems.

1. The Chair Puppet

This gem from the "As Long As You Love Me" video was one of many chair-based dance moves featured by the band for this song. A faster, sharper version of this move would probably be well-suited for a Jive or Jitterbug dance.

2. The Thriller-Esque

This spooky move from the "(Everbody) Backstreet's Back" video would be a perfect addition for any episode that occurs close to Halloween this season. Clearly inspired by Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance, the Backsteet Boys put their own spin on it by literally spinning around for the move. Considering that 90 percent of all dance styles involve spinning around, it shouldn't be difficult to incorporate this on the show.

3. The Robo-Nick

Why is Nick in a robot suit? Where is he? Is it a spaceship? None of the questions are important because the only thing that matters is that Nick Carter is able to pull off a sweet robot dance while being inside a robot. It's a dance move so awesome that it activated all the other robots in the "Larger Than Life" music video. If he ever finds himself dancing to Daft Punk on DWTS, this move is an easy choice.

4. The Airport Swoop

This classic move from the "I Want It That Way" video works best on a concert stage, but there's certainly a way to incorporate it into a different style of dance.

5. The "Whoops, You Caught Me Adjusting My Imaginary Necktie!"

A golden nugget of dance brilliance from "In A World Like This," there is no reason for Nick Carter to not incorporate this into at least one of his dances. It shows the playful, suave personality that Carter has built his success on and that fans have grown to love. He absolutely has to keep the shrug at the end, as well.

With these BSB moves, Carter can do no wrong, and he'll be one step close to the mirrorball trophy.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC; Giphy (6)