Lizzie McGuire Was Our Early-'00s Role Model

If you were a teen in the early '00s, there was one girl who had charm, humor, and could totally relate to you: Lizzie McGuire. Thanks to the acting skills of Hilary Duff, Lizzie was warm, goofy, and rocked the best personal style of any tween in history. However, in between the slapstick moments and Ethan Craft's gorgeous hair, there were a lot of truly touching moments that taught us a lot about growing up.

Perhaps it was because the show catered to letting us learn through Lizzie's eyes. Perhaps it was her inner monologue, which was literally the same as ours. Or perhaps its was the always satisfying, if not slightly cheesy, end to each episode. No matter the reason, Lizzie taught us what school could not: The ins and outs of becoming a teenager.

These days, Hilary plays the edgy Kelsey on Younger, but fans still fondly remember her as the BFF we always wanted. (Sorry, Miranda and Gordo.) While Lizzie McGuire isn't on Netflix (though it definitely should be), let us all take a moment to look back at the too-short-lived Disney Channel show. Here are 11 lessons Lizzie McGuire taught us about growing up.

1. Be Open About Your Feelings

Lizzie never shied away from calling it like it is.

2. Your Peers Don't Define You

This is an important one for adulthood, too.

3. Always Be True To Yourself

Seriously, a valuable life lesson.

4. Girls Can Definitely Make The First Move

Yassss, Lizzie, yassss.

5. Be Open To Adventure

Especially if the adventure is impersonating an Italian pop star.

6. Heartbreak Doesn't Get Any Easier With Age

It's a tough pill to swallow.

7. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For What You Want

Of course there was a lesson in this classic Lizzie moment.

8. It's Possible To Have A Closet Of Clothes And Nothing To Wear

I hear ya, Lizzie.

9. Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Thunder

Credit where credit is due.

10. Sometimes What You're Looking For Is Right In Front Of You

Gordo and Lizzie 4eva.

11. When In Doubt, Eat Your Feelings

Chocolate chip cookies are an excellent mediation.

Lizzie McGuire, we would be nowhere without you.

Images: Disney (screenshot); Giphy (11)