Essential Britney's "Till The World" Video Moves

If you’re looking to add to your rug cutting repertoire (psh, who isn't? I mean, come on. Everyone knows that you can never have too many sweet dance moves), you've come to the right place. Because we're about to remove the manhole cover to the Ray Kay-directed, Ryan Friedman-choreographed music video for Britney Spears’s “Till The World Ends” and jump in. The moves in this vid are so good, I guarantee they will get you, get you on the floor. Whatcha, whatcha waitin' for? Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh— Oops. The train started to derail, but I caught it just in time.

In the music video for the second single off of 2011's Femme Fatale, Brit Brit and her backup dancers hole up in an underground bunker while they wait for a meteor to strike/for the apocalypse to commence. Rather than sit around and gripe about what a pain in the keister the impending armageddon will be, Danceney and Co. make the most of it: they turn the underground bunker into a club and boogie until the world ends. (The world—spoiler alert!—never actually ends. So, the dancing never stops. Everybody wins!)

Here are the "Till The World Ends" moves that'll take it to the next level, are hotter than the A-list, and will blow your mind tonight:

The Jacket Hold Strut

Hear ye, hear ye! Henceforth, I will strut like this into Ye Olde Club every time I go to Ye Olde Club.

The Snap 'n' Hip Pop

The foot swivel is crucial.

The "I Don't Care About You, Bro" Shrug

"But you know what I do care about? Keeping the beat while I shrug."

The Traveling High Knee

The key is to to never stop moving forward. Careful to not lose your balance.

The Armageddon Hop

Brit and Co. look cool when they do this move. I, on the other hand, look as natural as Jack Donaghy walking with a mug in each hand. I guess I'll have to keep practicing.

The Cast Some Spells

Just in time for Hocus Pocus season!

The Pancake Hands

Need to get to the bathroom at the other side of the crowded room? The Pancake Hands move is an excellent way to part the sea of people.

The Power Point

If you practice this move enough, you too will be able to control people with your index finger.

The Chill Round Of Applause

So nonchalant. So cool. So chill.

The Go Team Go

You're cheering! You're clapping! You're leading the fun!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

If you really want to rule the dance floor, pop out of a sewer like Michelangelo the Ninja Turtle.

Keep on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-ing until the world ends.

Images: BritneySpearsVEVO/YouTube (11); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (11)