Kylie Jenner Has New Bling In An Unexpected Place

Each of the Kardashians have their own signature look, but one of them definitely likes to keep things fresh. Kylie Jenner flashed a gold tooth in an Instagram video, but that’s just in her nature, because she has definitely become notorious for switching up her look. Is the gold tooth a permanent feature? My guess is no, but honestly, nothing would surprise me. Not when it comes to this girl.

It seems like every time I check out Jenner's social media accounts she has a different look. There’s definitely no getting used to things with her! Take her blonde hair, for example. I was hoping she’d keep it that way for a while, because I was loving the color on her. But, nope. She went and dyed it green. So, I’m beginning to get used to the whole “expect the unexpected” concept with Jenner.

From her hair color to her beauty looks, Jenner isn’t afraid to go bold and mix things up. That’s why nothing she does can throw me off-guard anymore. Now, she may even have a gold tooth, and it doesn’t even faze me. See her flash some bling in this video, and read on for seven reasons why nothing this lady does will surprise anyone these days.

How long will she keep this new feature? Your guess is as good as mine.

1. She Wears A Lot Of Bling

She wears bling even by the pool, so a gold addition to her mouth wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

2. She Dyed Her Hair Blonde Out Of Nowhere

She quietly prepped for months so she could shock us.

3. Then, She Went Green

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As soon as we got used to the blonde 'do, she changed it to green.

4. She Frequently Wears Wigs

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You never know when she could switch her hair because she could throw a wig on at any moment. I guess that's to be expected when she pulls them off so well.

5. She's Been Known To Switch Up Her Beauty Look

From colored contacts to lip injections, this girl definitely mixes things up when it comes to her beauty routine.

6. She Can Pull Off Clothes From Any Era

How could you ever predict what she might wear when she can literally pull off clothing from any decade?

7. She's Done This Whole Mouth Bling Thing Before

A gold tooth is something I could see her having, simply because she's rocked some blinged-out mouth gear before.

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