13 Times Courtney Halverson Was #stylegoals

Sometimes you're just hanging out, scrolling through Instagram on a Saturday morning, when you click on on picture and fall right into a rabbit hole of cuteness. That was absolutely the case this morning when I stumbled upon Courtney Halverson's Instagram, which is chalk full of #stylegoals moments. But, because life is good, she also has a style blog, Pretty Little Fawn, that's loaded with even more reasons to become obsessed with the Unfriended and True Detective actor.

You've probably seen her before and didn't even realize it. She's been working forever, appearing in shows such as The Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Ghost Whisperer and General Hospital, just to name a few. She's a star on the rise, for sure, but what's really going to tip the scales and make you as obsessed with her as I am is her absolutely on point personal style. Oh, and did I mention, she's also an animal lover who works with animal rescue organization New Leash On Life?

Even though you're going to comb through her Instagram and blog for days, anyway, here are 13 examples of Halverson being a true style inspiration. And things are only going to get better (if that's even possible!) as, according to her Instagram, she's newly engaged!

1. The Time She Wore This Trombone Dress

Be still my band girl heart.

2. The Time She Wore This T-Shirt Dress On The Set Of The Last Beat

Why can't I make bed head look this good? Plus, jelly of all the '70's gear she gets to play with for The Last Beat.

3. The Time She Wore This Twister Game-Like Dress

Right hand like. Left hand follow.

4. That Time She Wore These Boots On A Boat

I would have never thought to wear boots on a boat.

5. The Time She Showed Off These Sassy Underpants

She's definitely got a sense of humor, as evidenced by her epic t-shirt collection.

6. The Time She Rocked A Pink And Blue Wig

Because pink hair is pretty much as good as it gets, in my book.

7. The Time She Showed Off Her Love Of Harry Potter

Nothing like ink to show your devotion.

8. The Time She Showed Off Her Growing Pin Collection

And I don't mean on Pinterest.

9. The Time She Wore This Jackson Hole, WY Sweater

Shut up! That's one of my favorite places!

10. The Time She Was A Bad Ass In A Leather Jacket And Cat Dress

Because every cat lady has an inner bad ass, amirite?

11. The Time She Ran Errands In This Outfit

I need to step up my yoga pants errand-running game.

12. The Time She Said Oui To Pets

Her online auction benefited New Leash on Life.

13. The Time She Wore This Adorbs Toast Skirt

I can't even. Just shut up and take my money.

With a style that's equal parts quirky, edgy, vintage and on trend, seriously, what's not to love?

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