Selena Gomez Channels Jennifer Aniston

One singer who has been killing it with her all-grown-up style lately just took things to the next level. Selena Gomez channeled Jennifer Aniston with her latest custom outfit, so clearly, she’s got this whole fashion thing down pat. Because if you’re going for a subtle but still sexy style, then the person you should look to for inspiration is definitely Aniston. Gomez totally knows what’s up.

The simple, black slip dress was paired with a black skinny scarf, the overall look was very chic. The outfit was also extremely similar to the look Aniston wore to the 2002 Emmy Awards. The iconic actress is known for wearing simple, A-line styled dresses and being the epitome of class, so channeling her is always a good move. Gomez obviously knew this, especially since the two are practically best friends. She possibly even specially requested a dress that reminded her of her bestie, since the one she rocked was custom Atea Oceanie.

In terms of music and fashion, this is clearly Gomez’s moment. And I’m loving every minute of this revival she’s having. See her latest outfit, plus times Aniston’s worn a similar look. You’ll find that the ensembles really are quite alike — as are these two beautiful, confident women. Looking good, ladies!

Doesn't she look amazing?

Robert Mora/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pretty similar, hey?

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She does slinky so well.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

See what I mean? She looks gorgeous. Yep, I'd say Gomez pretty much nailed it.

Take some style advice from these ladies and make a sophisticated slip dress your next OOTD.

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