9 Things I Noticed Rewatching ‘When In Rome’

After two months of re-watching Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies as an adult, I never thought I would be happy to get back to movies which require slightly more intelligence and thought while watching them. But alas, you gotta love a movie that includes the Olsen twins and Pizza — although they surprisingly don’t eat as much pizza as you would like during their summer internship in Roma. When in Rome was the Olsen twins’ last adventure outside the US and in their straight-to-VHS tapes we all know and love.

After this movie, New York Minute hit theaters in 2004 (for about a day) and shortly after Mary-Kate checked into rehab for an eating disorder. Let’s savor the last time these two were still innocent teenagers. Of course, despite the rougher years, these two ladies managed to kill it in the fashion world since leaving acting behind them. Although, I still hope one day they decide to do travel flicks again.

Seventeeen year old sisters Leila and Charli Hunter are both interns at a fashion program in Rome for the summer, and as we know, things never really go according to plan when the Olsen twins are involved. They end up getting fired and re-hired and discovering fraud within the company. Spoiler alert, Mary-Kate and Ashley save the day — and as usual get the guy. Here are nine things I noticed about the film as an adult.

1. Their Summer Is Really Short

In the opening scene they mention how they are spending the entire summer in Rome at this internship. A few seconds later they mention that its six weeks, which is pretty much the shortest summer break ever. They were totally gypped.

2. They Kind Of Suck As Interns

This seems like a prestigious program and these six people were chosen out of hundreds of people. Their jobs include delivering things like mail, making copies, and no one can do those simple tasks somehow. As a former intern, it’s pretty hard to screw up copies and mail. Just sayin’.

3. The Time Mary-Kate Didn’t Know What Espresso Was

There’s no possible way that you can be 17-years-old and never have heard of espresso. That’s just not plausible. Also, you don’t mess with Italians and their coffee.

4. This Empty Landmark Location

Never in the history of the Trevi Fountain has it been this empty in the middle of the summer. Imagine heading to times square in July and finding yourself there pretty much alone. Not buying it.

5. This Movie Makes Me Want To Get Fired

The girls get fired and the CEO of the company jets them off to his seaside villa for some R+R. Only in a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie kids.

6. This Weird Interaction

Leila meets Hammond’s nephew on the beach, they share a musical montage moment together and then at the end of the conversation she nags him about why he’s not motivated enough to work over the summer, and how he’s lazy for relaxing at the villa all summer. Step off Ashley, you’ve known him for a whole five minutes.

7. This Romantic Montage Is Everything

Nothing like a montage of romantic moments about someone you literally met earlier in the week.

8. This Awkward Moment


9. Jamie Was Debating Quitting The Company

The VP worked for Hammond for 11 years, and after she starts dating him she debates quitting the company. Stop that, girl. You don’t throw your career away for a hot CEO. Get it together.

Images: When In Rome/Screenshot (6); Lindsey Kupfer/GIFS (3)