'Gotham' Season 2 Villains Ranked By Scariness

Halloween might be over a month away, but Gotham is already trying to make you jump. Gotham 's Season 2 villains are scary, and they seem to be working together to take over the city. One of the best parts of Season 1 was the mob war, with Fish Mooney, Oswald Cobblepot, and Sal Maroni all fighting to take over from Don Carmine Falcone. And, Season 2 is about to see that conflict on a large scale, with lots of villains teaming up to take over the city. Recently reinstated Detective Jim Gordon is working overtime to catch them, but there are villains all around him: Like his coworker, Ed Nygma, and ex-girlfriend, Barbara.

And, while Fish Mooney, Maroni, and Don Falcone are missed, Season 2 has plenty of new baddies to take their place. The newest villain of the season, Theo Galavan, isn't even the scariest guy on the show. He might be a mastermind, but over the past 25 episodes, Gotham has introduced some terrifying villainous performances. At this point, the villains far outnumber the slim count of remaining heroes. It is going to be a serious challenge for Gordon and the rest of the GCPD to round these bad guys up. Here are they are ranked from least to most scary. I definitely don't envy the GCPD's job.

13. Butch

Butch is a bad guy, but he's not a bad guy, you know? He's just unfailingly loyal no matter what, perhaps because Victor Zsasz hypnotized him. But, if he's on your side, he's not scary at all.

12. Aaron Helzinger

Another henchman, Helzinger may be inspired by comics villain Amygdala, but he's much more of a puppet than his is a mastermind. I wouldn't worry about Helzinger — worry about whomever has him under their control.

11. Richard Sionis

Well, I hate to spoil this for you, but in the Season 2 premiere, Sionis gets it from Tabitha Galavan. While he was a literally cutthroat businessman, Sionis ultimately preferred being rich to hurting people — not much of a threat once he was shipped off the Arkham.

10. Selina Kyle

While Selina would do just about anything to survive, I don't think she would kill or hurt someone who didn't pose a direct threat to her. And, now that she's a part of Penguin's gang, she seems happy to have a family who's taking care of her.

9. Commissioner Loeb

Or, I should say, former commissioner. I'd say Loeb can be scary, because as a corrupt cop, he threatens to let all of the villains have their run of the city. And, since he was introduced in the premiere, I can't imagine that he won't make at least one more appearance before Season 2 is over. After having the trauma of seeing his bodyguard killed, he might be out for revenge.

8. Arnold Dobkins & Robert Greenwood

Not much is known about these two crooks, who were busted out of Arkham Asylum alongside Barbara, Jerome, Aaron, and Richard. In order to keep company with those twisted villains, they must be bad. But, so far, nothing about them is super-scary — though that could change the minute one gets a spotlight in a future episode.

7. Tabitha Galavan

She's a villainous triple threat: She can shoot, she can fight, and she can make a pair of leather pants seem like practical combat wear. She's got more skills than practically any of these villains, but she's not the loose cannon type, so there's not too much to fear — unless you're one of her brother's targets or about to betray her.

6. Penguin

Oswald Cobblepot, the self proclaimed "King" of Gotham City, has complete control over the city's underworld now. And, so far, he's been a relatively benevolent leader, but Penguin's brutality was established way back in early Season 1.

5. Victor Zsasz

Zsasz is a cross between Penguin's right hand man and a ruthless bounty hunter. He's also got some kind of torture/hypnosis powers, based on what he did to Butch during Season 1. If Penguin has a chance to win in this villain war, he'll need Zsasz's expertise.

4. Theo Galavan

This sinister villain ranks highly, considering that he barely does anything on his own. But, as the mastermind of the new collective of villains, Theo Galavan is the most ambitious and perhaps dangerous character on the show. Scary? In an existential way.

3. Ed Nygma

For a while, it seemed inconceivable that Ed Nygma was going to become villain the Riddler. But, at the end of Season 1, he killed the rotten boyfriend of his crush, Kristen Kringle, and began his transformation. Now, he's seeing a second side of himself (without his trademark glasses), who's terrifying. Even Ed is scared by his reflection's new personality.

2. Jerome

Jerome basically is the Joker, and the Joker is the scariest villain in the Batman comics. He's a psychopath, truly uncaring about anyone or anything, and that makes him incredibly scary.

1. Barbara Kean

But, no one has become scarier than Barbara Kean, who's a far cry from Jim's overlooked girlfriend in Season 1. Now she's a frightening villain who doesn't seem scared of anything, be it killing her own parents or threatening Jim's new girlfriend Leslie Thompkins. Theo Galavan called Barbara "powerful," and that powered her newfound evil. If there's one person who will wind up on top by the end of Gotham Season 2, it's the scariest villain of all: Barbara.

Image: Mark Seliger (2), Nicole Rivelli (5), Jessica Miglio (3)/FOX; Giphy (3)