Bindi Irwin Is The Coolest Teen On The Planet

There's no question about it: Dancing with the Stars contestant and Australian television host Bindi Irwin is pretty much the coolest teenager on the planet. She and partner Derek Hough are killing it on the DWTS dance floor, and have so far earned Season 21's highest scores. Her sparkling personality and infectious energy have already made her a fan favorite, and a photo she posted on Sept. 26 of her snuggling with her boyfriend reminds us all that she's also a normal, happy teen who just happens to have an ultra-cool career. Seriously, this girl is living her best life.

The daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, Bindi has been appearing on television since she was two years old. Since then, Bindi Irwin has forged her own path as the host of several Australian game shows and documentary series. She is also the public face of the Irwin family's conservationist organization, The Wildlife Warriors. Most 17-year-olds are simply struggling to get to school on time — Bindi Irwin is already taking over the world.

In addition to her amazing charity work and numerous television appearances, the Australian teen also has A+ social media posts. Her life is a mix of glamorous photo shoots, cuddly animals, and rustic living on her family's farm. Here are 12 reasons Bindi Irwin is living the best kind of life, at least according to her social media:

1. She's A Seasoned Traveler

Whether its jet setting between New York and L.A. or flying out of Australia and across the globe, this teen beauty has truly been there, done that.

2. She Hangs Out With Tiger Cubs On The Reg

Bindi Irwin is the best kind of cat lady.

3. She Posts Pitch Perfect Videos

Despite several years and countless hours of practicing, I still cannot do the Pitch Perfect cups trick. Add that to the list of things that Bindi Irwin is better at than I am.

4. Her Tweets Are Inspiring

Bindi is essentially the Energizer Bunny of good cheer and optimism. I just want to carry her around in my pocket as a personal cheerleader.

5. She's Gorgeous

She is truly someone who is beautiful inside and out.

6. She Has An Adorable Accent

The only thing better than an Australian accent is — actually, nothing is better than an Australian accent.

7. Her #TBT Posts Are A Tad Dangerous

Only Bindi Irwin would look at this photo and be like, "oh, look at the tracking device." Girl, you are laying on a crocodile and my eyes cannot and will not focus on anything else.

8. Bindi And Her BF Are #RelationshipGoals

Bindi has been dating Chandler Powell since 2013 and he is now a global ambassador for The Wildlife Warriors, Bindi's conservation organization. The couple that saves the planet together, stays together.

9. Her Selfie Game Is On Point

So much smize — Tyra Banks would be so proud.

10. She Posts Heartwarming Tributes To Her Dad

Such a sweet tribute from such a kind-hearted person.

11. She Shares Great Mother-Daughter Moments

Bindi obviously has a super close relationship with her mom. Aw!

12. She Is An Amazing Entertainer

You go girl! You do rock.

Cheers to more adorableness to come from my favorite teen superstar. Go #TeamCrikey!