Barbie Has 1 Million Followers On Instagram

When it comes to fashion influencers, there are more than a handful of bloggers whose closets I'd die for — Atlantic Pacific, Sincerely Jules, Feral Creature, to name a few — but there's one woman in particular who's wardrobe is so divine, she's got Chanel bags made for her. We're talking about our favorite childhood friend, of course: Barbie has 1 million followers on Instagram because of her incredible closet and constant jet-setting. Can we trade lives, please?

Oh, as if she needed more attention. Lately, we've been seeing new versions of her, including this new Barbie that can wear menstrual pads, and even one made with cellulite and acne. Now that's more realistic to my life, which I can give the makers major props for. As someone who's got proportions that DEFINITELY don't fit Barbie's model, this is something that's incredibly inspiring for me.

Nevertheless, I can't deny that I don't oooh and aaaah when I see her Instagram account, @barbiestyle, on my feed. I mean, this chick is going to Fashion Week. Wearing Moschino. Like, Moschino actually made her shoes, their signature Biker Jacket Shoulder Bag, a black cap, and a T-shirt reading, "THE MOST MOSCHINO SHIRT EVER." And this isn't the first time a designer has made Barbie teeny couture.

Tibi ensembles, leather tops, sequin skirts, and wrap dresses all make an appearance on her account. And they all fit impeccably. I need to know who her tailor is. Beyond her outfits, equally impressive are her travels. She's snapped walking around in Soho, visiting the V magazine headquarters on Mercer Street, at the Harper's Bazaar offices, and strutting around poolside at the Parker in Palm Springs. Forget the Kardashians, it's Barbie you have to keep up with.

Check out some of her best snapshots on Instagram, below.

1. At Milan Fashion Week

This red peplum jumpsuit lives in my dreams. For her, looking chic is pretty damn easy.

2. In This Flawless Separates Ensemble

So simple, so elegant, so chic. Please, please share your stylist with me.

3. At The Nail Salon

Can we talk about how that leather bomber fits her perfectly? Seriously, I'm not kidding. Tell me who your tailor is. I demand it.

4. At Coachella

Ya know, just pulling off the '70s trend like it's a piece of cake.

5. At Bergdorf's For Lunch

Just toting around my Céline bag after having lunch in New York City's most iconic fashion destinations.

6. In Her Amazing Closet

A look inside her fabulous closet, filled with all of her amazing pieces.

7. With Freaking Karl Lagerfeld

I'm just going to leave you with this one.