Are Stephanie From 'Dash Dolls' & Her Boyfriend Still Together? She's Definitely Not Dating Suspenders Dude, That's For Sure

If a you give a Dash Doll a pair of suspenders, get ready for that Dash Doll to cut her eyes at you. On Sunday night’s episode of Dash Dolls, Dash employee Stephanie tells her coworkers that her boyfriend of four years is in rehab. She explains that things with her BF have been trying as of late, but she wants to do whatever she can to support him. Worried that this relationship might be taking a toll on their friend, Durrani and Nazy take Stephanie to a restaurant, sit down at a table with a guy they know, and then leave Stephanie and the guy friend alone. Surprise! It’s a surprise blind date. Oh, this will go well, I thought never.

Surprise! Stephanie’s date with Jordan, a suspender-wearing dude who asks questions like “Do you like fashion?” does not go well. As her date noshes on a bowl of iceberg lettuce, Stephanie tunes out. She is not happy with Nazy and Durrani. In the middle of the meal, she leaves the table, finds Nazy and Durrani, and tells them that as well-intentioned as they may be, this wasn’t a good move. She reminds them that Colin is going through a tough time and that she “doesn’t need a lot of drama." There isn’t any room on her plate for a bowl of suspender salad at the moment.

A few nights later, the Dash Dolls hang out and discuss the epic fail that was that blind date. Stephanie tells her coworkers that she visited Colin at the rehab center, and that all things considered, it was a positive experience. The episode ends on this nice note. (However, that nice note was promptly smashed when I saw the promo for next week's installment: It looks like things might take a rough turn for the couple in the next ep.)

How are Stephanie and Colin doing now? Are they still an item? Well, he hasn't popped up in any of her recent her Instagram pics or her Tweets, and those are my go-to "Are they a couple?" research tools. Sorry to disappoint, but I don't have a definitive answer for you. However, I did find this in my research:

And this:

I don't know if they're still together, but I do hope both Stephanie and Colin are doing what's right for them. (Yep, it's official: We're two eps in, and I already care about this cast.)

Oh, and I sincerely hope Stephanie never has to deal with a pair of suspenders again.

Image: Dale Berman/E! Entertainment