Stephanie De Souza Is The Baby Of 'Dash Dolls'

The nation can't get enough of the Kardashian/Jenners — and as I Am Cait wraps up and Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie each move forward with their lives and careers, the next big Kardashian-related phenomenon is here: Dash Dolls premieres on Sept. 20, and will ensure that the frenzy continues. E!'s reality series will follow the young female workers who clock hours at the Kardashian's Dash clothing boutique. One of the most popular cast members on Dash Dolls is shaping up to be Stephanie De Souza. The nice thing about De Souza and the others is that they are not professional actresses who are going to kill it at all times on camera. De Souza is the real deal — a fashionista who believes in the brand and is probably going to say and do the wrong things at times. In other words, lots of fans will be watching closely and in one year's time, this teen might be the next Kylie.

To give you a little background on the show, although (I'm guessing) Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé will occasionally drop by, the majority of the action will center around the drama created by nine employees as they are closely managed by Khloé's BFF Malika Haqq and her twin Khadijah Haqq McCray. What could go wrong? (Sarcasm.)

For now, here's the scoop on De Souza.

She's The Youngest Cast Member

At just 19, De Souza is the youngest cast member and, as she told I Heart Radio, "the cutest" of the Dash Dolls, which gives you a sense that the girl is quite confident. Despite her age, she says all of the girls are "immature" and can be "catty," so she feels like she fits in fine with them.

She Was Bullied In High School

Teens can be cruel, and De Souza says she found that out first hand. She told I Heart Radio she was bullied in high school by "mean girls" and had to deal with them constantly posting nasty comments about her on Facebook and on other social media accounts. I'm not sure how much of her bullying experiences she'll share on the show, but she could really help young girls who are struggling with the same issues.

Her Boyfriend Could Be Bad News

Lots of guys are going to be disappointed to learn that De Souza already has a boyfriend, according to E!. With that said, the mystery man is also reportedly a "bad boy" who causes a lot of unnecessary drama, so it's anybody's guess whether they'll still be dating by the end of Season 1. Judging by the fact that there isn't one photo of the couple on her Instagram, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that chances are slim it's a lasting union.

Kim Kardashian Is A Fan

I know Kim has a stake in Dash Dolls' success, but she doesn't have to use Twitter to let her 28.8K followers know that she thinks De Souza is totally hot. Considering that the 19-year-old is super duper pretty and could pass for Kim's little sister, I'm not really shocked by this revelation.

She Shares The Kardashian Love Of Contouring

Wondering how De Souza achieves her flawless face? Judging by this short clip, she owes her number one makeup secret to the Kardashians. Those are some fine contouring and highlighting skills right there, folks. Not that she wouldn't be gorgeous without a stitch of powder.

She Seems Sweet And Maybe Even Shy

Viewers are going to learn a lot more about De Souza in coming weeks, but judging by the little she said when she first met the other employees at a Dash Dolls sleepover party in her honor on KUWTK, she seems reserved and sweet. Regardless of how she claims she feels she fits in with the others, it will no doubt be a little bit difficult for her to feel connected to the older girls as they party in ways she can't yet.

Here's hoping De Souza comes into her own on Dash Dolls and that the others are considerate of her age and inexperience.

Image: stephdesouzaxo/Instagram