7 Fall Wardrobe Items It's OK To Splurge On

We've all been there: That moment you decide to splurging on a fall item and are battling it out with second thoughts. Standing by the cash register with your wallet ready, feeling that queasy feeling as the register beeps away and tallies up a too-high number on the display. Splurging can sometimes put an itch between your shoulders that makes you want to bolt, but sometimes an investment will cost you more money up front, but way less down the road. If you don't believe me, just think of all the fast-fashion shoes you had to toss out because, within a month, they were worn down to the ground. Forking over money at the moment didn't feel bad, but throwing out that same money 30 days later sure does.

While I'm not saying you should go out and buy anything with a high price tag — because not even a steep price promises you quality — there are certain pieces that are always worth the investment. Whether because they're timeless, get used every day, multiple times a day, or will be complete sartorial game changers, some pieces in our closet deserve more of a down-payment than others. Here are seven fall wardrobe items that you should splurge on this season guilt-free — your closet will thank you.

1. Boots And Booties

If you live somewhere where it gets really cold, you know winters are tough. Since the elements are so mean, you need shoes that are up to the challenge of surviving. That's why it's okay to invest in a good pair of well-made boots rather than spending a quick twenty on cheap, fast-fashion models.

For example, for the longest time I couldn't imagine putting down more than $60 for a pair of boots. This is why I found myself buying three pairs of shoes every winter, because the bases would either come apart, the cheap fake-leather would stain and tarnish, or my feet would freeze because the inner linings were apparently made out of rice paper or something really close to it. And you know what? I spent more money every winter buying replacements than I would have buying one expensive, solid pair of boots.

2. A Leather Jacket

Investment pieces always hurt a little when you buy them because they're exactly that: A big monetary investment. But the reason they're so pricey is because they're well-made and meant to last you years, meaning the store doesn't expect to see you coming back in a couple of months and buying the same item one more time.

This is why you should finally put down not on a pleather jacket, but a real soft-as-buttah leather jacket. According to style writer AJ Gwilliam of Highsnobeity, "Splash out on a good one, and your future grandkids might one day end up wearing it." That sucker can last you a decade if you'll let it, and it'll instantly make your outfits seem more expensive, tailored, and edgy.

3. A Classic Purse

Accessories are fun and give us a chance to play, which is why a lot of us have a purse shelf over flowing with quirky and exciting options. But when it comes to your go-to bag, the one you wear day in and day out? Choose something classic and well-made and you'll have that sucker for years to come. It won't break down on you. According to Victoria Dawson Hoff, editorial assistant at Elle, "There is something to be said about a beautifully made bag. It does carry, after all, everything you need to function on a daily basis. It's your life, with a handle. And if you treat it with care (and pick the right one), it'll last forever."

When something gets that much use through out the day, it'll be quick to wear and tear. But if you invest in something well-made, it'll last against the abuse.

4. A Winter Coat

Winters are nothing to mess around with: They're angry and brutal and try their best to make you uncomfortable. And you will be if you keep buying those paper-thin forty dollar coats. That's why this fall, it's totally okay to invest a nice portion of one paycheck towards a thick, cozy coat that'll last you years if you want it to. And it'll actually keep you toasty. According to style writer Katie Trotter at The National," Designer-wise, Burberry or Chloé are royalty in the coat department due to fabric quality and cutting techniques, but if budget needs to be kept to a minimum, take a look at Zara...Admittedly, buy big if you can, as a coat should be thought of as one of your investment pieces."

The phrase "you get what you pay for is" is a cliche because it's true: If you're fine shivering every time you step outside for groceries, then keep doing your thang. If you want to drop a scary amount of money one time but then be comfortable for fifteen winters to come, make the investment.

5. A Heavy Knit

It's the season of pumpkin spice lattes and huddling up all cozy-like. And you can't say the word "cozy" without thinking of a huge, cuddly sweater. But before you rush to the sale section at a fast fashion store, consider this: Would you rather have an investment piece that won't fall apart after its third wash, or are you okay dropping $30 a few times every fall and then throwing the piece out come the end of winter?

If you chose the latter, you're literally tossing your money away! Invest in a well-made knit and you'll have it for many seasons to come. For example, I recently bought a thick knit at Forever 21 against my better judgement because I was smitten by its perfect oatmeal color and its unusually long length. After one day walking around the city with my backpack on, I came home only to notice the spot where my bag was resting against to be pilling like I've had it for years. And that was after less than 24 hours.

Talk about disappointment.

6. A Statement Scarf

During fall and winter, the majority of the day we're in our jackets and coats, running in and out of buildings and offices, trains and restaurants. This means that our outerwear gets quite a lot of air-time. In a season where the black coat rules, it can be a little hard to feel like your top layer is doing you sartorial justice. Which is why you should invest in a statement scarf to help you add a pop of interest and personality to your fall and winter look. According to fashion writer Elana Fishman at Lucky , "How do we love our enormous cashmere throws? Let us count the ways: they're the perfect way to stay warm in snowy weather (when you live in a windy city, a coat alone just doesn't cut it), they double as blankets (and pillows!) on long plane or car trips and they sort of make us feel like Stevie Nicks. Solid."

Nab a patterned blanket scarf, or a cozy over-sized knit number. Choose something with a fun pop of color, or something with texture or weight. You know that the thicker or larger the scarf is the more expensive it will be, but if it's a game-changer for your outerwear, it's well worth it.

7. Pair Of Tailored Pants

Now that it's getting chillier the skirts and dresses will be reached for less in favor of pants. Which means it might be time to finally invest in an impeccably tailored pair. Why? Because they'll make all sweaters and tops look ah-mazing.

For example, I have a penchant for frumpy, grandpa sweaters, but the issue is I can sometimes start taking on that same frumpy vibe. The solution? If I contrast it against impeccably tailored pants, the sharpness of the trousers balance the kitschy vibes of the knit and makes it into an interesting, quirky look. They solve all your sartorial troubles, and make you look like a million bucks while you're at it.