The Pooch Selfie For Dogs Just Upped Your Insta Game To The Next Level — VIDEO

It was just a matter of time before a device for taking dog selfies was invented. Now you have the ability to Kardashian the crap out of your Instagram and also include your pooch — all thanks to the Pooch Selfie. (I’m not a tween anymore but I have to say, the name of this product is way too easy to spoof into something dirty. Anyway. Onward.)

Thanks to a witty promotional video and a strong Kickstarter campaign, Clever Dog Productions has already raised over $15,000. Most likely it’s because of their easy, removable and simple product idea. Here it is in a nutshell: Dogs love tennis balls. If you attach one to your phone, the dog will automatically look in your direction, helping you take the perfect dog selfie. It’s so simple I’m sitting here wondering why I'm not the one making money off of it! It’s the same feeling I get whenever I’m in a modern art museum.

The Pooch Selfie is a selfie-savvy, dog-lover's dream. Buy one for yourself and then keep a few on hand to give out to all your friends. You will be loved and cherished for a lifetime. Not to mention the instant boost to all of your social media accounts once you get your dog to actually look at the camera for a few seconds. Overall, this little plastic clamp will change your life. Are you ready?


One dog. Two dogs. Fifteen Dogs. This baby can handle it.

Double Duty

You know who else loves tennis balls? Kids. This function is included with the original product.

Simple, Elegant, Balls

I really wish I was the one that came up with this concept. I know I didn't go to business school, but the fact that people are paying money not to hold balls with their own hands is borderline genius. Supply and demand 2015.

Android Compatible

In the words of the Backstreet Boys, the Pooch selfie doesn't care "where you're from, what you did, which smart phone you use, as looooong as you love me." (Ah, 1997.)

Be sure to check out the promotional video below and Kickstarter campaign page. There is still time to contribute and get your very own Pooch Selfie.

Images: Kickstarter(5)