14 Dogs Who Love Harry Potter As Much As You Do

Dogs reading books might be the cutest thing ever. (There are actually multiple Instagram accounts dedicated to this, including, DogBookClub. Now, that's a book club I want to join.) Dogs sleeping on books, dogs wishing you would pay attention to them rather than your books, and dogs attempting to eat books — all adorable.

But if there's one thing that could make pictures of dogs EVEN BETTER? It's somehow finding a way to add in the best book series of all time. I mean, it's a part of you forever after you read it, and there are so many memorable moments from the characters to the food. So, why not let your furry friends join in on all the Harry Potter love? As these dogs prove, it's possible.

Of course, dressing up a dog is definitely no easy feat. From glasses to scarves and cloaks, it's more than likely they will run, attempt to eat the props, or shake them off just as soon as you get them dressed. However, these dogs seemed to play along, at least for a second.

Here are 14 magically adorable dogs who love the Harry Potter series just as much as their owners do:

"Yer a Wizard!"

Team Gryffindor

How Does This Thing Work?

Yes, I Am the Boy Who Lived

The Books Were Better

Mad Eye Moody, At Your Service!

Image: Todd Dwyer, Petful/Flickr