These Are Pope Francis' Most Devoted Fans, Who Came Out In Full Force During His Exhilarating Trip To The U.S. Of A.

To say that Pope Francis's recent trip to the U.S. caused a commotion might be the understatement of the century. America alone has some 70 million Catholics, many of whom put Beliebers and Directioners to shame with their dedication to the pontiff. Sure, Taylor Swift can fill a stadium, but Pope Francis brought roughly a million people to New York City's Central Park, which GQ correspondent Nicole Silverberg described as "one of the most emotionally moving clusterf**** I may ever experience in my life." But peppered throughout the throngs of people were a few select fans who truly stood out. If we've learned anything from his trip across the ocean, it's that Pope Francis has some seriously devoted fans.

And it completely makes sense. Francis has essentially redefined what it means to be a spiritual leader, and has garnered an unprecedented amount of support and praise from virtually all groups of people — liberals, conservatives, even atheists. His brand of down-to-earth guidance and populist nature have successfully united normally polarized groups. His comparatively progressive outlook on issues such as the European refugee crisis, climate change, and same-sex marriage has earned him the respect of even the staunchest liberals.

It's no surprise, then, that Francis's universal appeal has inspired countless hardcore fans, many of whom came out to show their support during his trip to D.C., New York and Philadelphia. Take a look at some of Pope Francis's biggest fans in the U.S.

The Family That Drove 13,000 Miles

The Walker family drove from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Philadelphia in a Volkswagen bus to meet Pope Francis. He had the perfect opening line when he met them:

You are the family who traveled from Buenos Aires? You are crazy.

The Mini Pope

Francis' biggest fan might also be the littlest human ever. During the parade in Philadelphia, the pope spotted a doppelganger in the crowd. As soon as he saw baby Quinn, who was wearing the same papal regalia as him, Francis erupted in a giggle fit. He then had his security guards bring the baby over so he could kiss the mini pope.

The Selfie Kid

One kid in D.C. will have bragging rights for the rest of his life. Eleven-year-old Kristupas Vorobjovas not only met the pope during his tour of the U.S. capital, but also got to take a selfie with him. Here's hoping his caption for the pic was #squadgoals.

Here are a few more eye-catching Pope Francis fans ...

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