Your Squad Should Be 'Scream Queens' For Halloween

Step aside Plastics — there is a new clique in town. The Chanels from Fox's Scream Queens are a force to be reckoned with, and are the perfect group Halloween costume for your squad this year. Who better for you and your friends to dress up as then as a clique of sassy, badass women? While these Kappas might not be the nicest of ladies on sorority row, their fashion is off the charts. It's practically a crime to look that good (too much?). Whether they're partying on Greek row or (spoiler) murdering their maid, the Chanels know how to dress for any occasion. Those shiny over-the-top accessories and stunning pastel dresses would also make for a pretty sweet ensemble come Oct. 31.

What's great about the girls' outfits are the multiple layers. Think puffy fur jackets and pink fuzzy earmuffs. Basically, you and your friends won't freeze your butts off this Halloween. No need to wear skimpy costumes when you can look like a fashionable girl squad instead. Here is some style inspiration to channel your inner Chanel, so that your crew can reign supreme this Halloween.

1. HBIC Chanel

Naeem Kahn Shift Dress, $8,990, Moda Operandi | Neevo Leather Shoes, $185, Ted Baker | Opal Diamond Ring, $1,700, 1st Dibs | Rose Gold Bracelet, $163, Harvey Nichols | Diamond Stud Earrings, $1,380, Jewel Street | White Belt, $225, 1st Dibs | Nars Lipstick, $26, Bloomingdales

Time to channel your inner Queen Bee with this flapper-inspired look. Find your best fluttery dress, and pair it with sparkling gold accessories. You'll be taunting your minions in no time with this drop-dead gorgeous look.

2. Chanel #2

Pink Crop Top, $32, Glamorous | Pink Pencil Skirt, $32, Glamorous | Valentino Heels, $995, Style Bop | REDValentino Jacket, $497, Net-A-Porter | Kate Spade Earrings, $48, Shop Bop | Mary Kay Eyeliner, $18, Mary Kay | Lipstick Queen Lipstick, $24, Net-A-Porter | Chanel Necklace, $3,300, 1st Dibs

Wasn't Ariana Grande to die for in the premiere of Scream Queens? I loved her character, and her playful outfits. Pull out your favorite fuzzy jacket, crop top, and cell phone to channel Chanel #2. You'll be tweeting about how great you look all night long.

3. Chanel #3

Pink Lace Dress, $288, Goodnight Macaroon | Fur Shawl, $925, Yoox | White Pearl Necklace, $266, Jewel Street | Kenneth Lane Pearl Bracelet, $60, Zappos | Pearl Earrings, $1, Mini In The Box | White Gloves, $4, Blue Banana | Pink Belt, $85, Magenta Couture | Pink Earmuffs, $13, Zara

Chanel #3 makes a serious case for fluffy pink earmuffs. Who knew that would be a style trend this season? Pull off you best Chanel #3 look by wearing pink in all different textures. This style plus a bored look will have you looking like your favorite Chanel instantly.

4. Chanel #5

Fur Coat, $48, Yoins | ASOS Dress, $18, ASOS | Green Suede Pumps, $570, My Theresa | Pearl Earrings, $7500, Blue Nile | Pearl Necklace, $275, Jewel Street

Don't ask about Chanel #4, OK? However, if you don't feel like wearing pink on Halloween opt for a light green instead. I loved Chanel #5's green look during the premiere. It was so classy it was almost scary.

Now that you know how to dress like the Chanels, go out there and knock 'em dead (metaphorically, of course).

Images: Steve Dietl/FOX; emily-mcclure/Polyvore