Meet The Incredible Cast Of 'Scream Queens'

It's no secret that Ryan Murphy has created some truly spectacular shows throughout the years. Glee brought music to the television forefront in ways it had never been before; American Horror Story never fails to give us nightmares; and Nip/Tuck, well, that's just great writing at its best. So now that we're on the cusp of seeing Murphy's latest vision come to life during Tuesday night's two-hour Scream Queens series premiere, I have every confidence that it'll prove to be his greatest accomplishment yet. Not only because this project looks to put a unique and hilarious spin on the horror genre (two things that normally never associated with each other), but also because of the incredible Scream Queens cast Murphy has managed to round up.

Seriously, having one or two well known stars is one thing, but having almost every role get filled with incredible Hollywood talent is a rare coup indeed, and one that only the likes of Murphy could accomplish. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll last very long on this series, considering the amount of bloodshed we've seen in the promos alone. So before any of these characters start dropping like Kappa House flies, let's take a look at this impressive collection of individuals and pledge our loyalty to the only sorority that matters.

Emma Roberts As Chanel Oberlin

As president of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, Roberts will serve as the show's main Queen Bee, whose fashion is almost as fierce as her sassy one-liners. Don't mess with this sorority sister.

Jamie Lee Curtis As Dean Cathy Munsch

Being the dean of any university can't be easy in general, but when your school falls victim to a killing spree, then it becomes a full-fledged nightmare. Luckily, this original Scream Queen has faced worse situations before. (Or maybe, this time, she's the one with blood on her hands.)

Lea Michele As Hester Ulrich

Rachel Berry is no more, folks. Michele will take on the very different role of Hester, a Kappa pledge with scoliosis, who has never exactly been part of the popular crowd… until now that is. But that popularity may come with a price…

Keke Palmer As Zayday

Also a Kappa pledge, Zayday is known to have a genius IQ, which should definitely come in handy when it comes to evading Kappa serial killers. That is, unless she's the genius behind the gory operation.

Nick Jonas As Boone

OK, so technically he's named as a special guest star, but you just know this character — who is a member of the Dollar Scholars fraternity — will prove to be extremely memorable. Plus, I'll come up with any excuse to stare at this photo all day long.

Skyler Samuels As Grace Gardner

Determined to follow in her mother's footsteps, Grace decides to pledge to Kappa House, not knowing of all the horrors that await. (As you can from the image above, she's definitely having second thoughts about joining.)

Diego Boneta As Pete Martínez

Not only will he serve as the university's newspaper editor, but he'll also become the main love interest for Grace. Because nothing says romance like a little bit of bloodshed.

Oliver Hudson As Wes Gardner

Parent alert! Wes is both Grace's father and a professor at Wallace University. And speaking on behalf of someone who knows what it's like to have teacher parents, let me just say that I feel her social pain.

Billie Lourd As Chanel #3

She is a current member of Kappa House and one of Chanel's main minions. But don't let her follower status fool you for she too is not to be trifled with.

Glen Powell As Chad Radwell

Allow me to introduce you to Glen aka Chanel's boyfriend and a main member of the Dollar Scholars fraternity. But is he guilty of murder or just wearing white after Labor Day? As of now, it's hard to say.

Abigail Breslin As Chanel #5

Also one of Chanel's minions and a current member of Kappa House, Breslin's presence on this show is sure to be unlike anything we've ever seen her in before. But one thing's for sure — she's definitely got that scream face down. #NailedIt

Nasim Pedrad As Gigi Caldwell

As a former Kappa member, Gigi is now a lawyer who serves as sorority chief to the current Kappa members and should prove to be a hilarious addition to the ensemble. You'll love her almost as much as she loves herself.

Lucien Laviscount As Earl Grey

This kind of unclear right now how exactly this guy will fit into the storyline. All we really know about him thus far is that he's a member of the fraternity who proves to be somewhat mysterious in nature. Oh, and let's not forget the most important part — he also has a hot British accent.

Bring it on, Scream Queens! I'm ready for you.

Images: Steve Dietl/FOX (8); Skip Bolen/FOX (2); Hilary Gayle/FOX (2); Matthias Clamer/FOX