7 Trevor Noah Jokes That Suggest How 'The Daily Show' Host Will Run The Show

A new era is beginning on Comedy Central when Trevor Noah begins hosting The Daily Show . After Jon Stewart announced his departure from the show, many were holding their breath to find out who would be succeeding him. One particular person probably holding his breath was Trevor Noah, who was announced as The Daily Show host in March. Many fans of The Daily Show know Noah as a contributor during Stewart's time, but still might be wondering what kind of host he'll be once he takes over September 28. Luckily, some of the best Trevor Noah jokes will hint at what kind of host the 31-year-old comedian will be when he starts his reign.

Noah got into some hot water the month following the announcement he would succeed Stewart after people started combing through past tweets of his. Noah was heavily criticized for tweets that some felt were anti-Semitic and sexist. Noah's response to the sudden criticism was, "To reduce my views to a handful of jokes that didn’t land is not a true reflection of my character, nor my evolution as a comedian."

While these tweets are left for individuals to make-up their own minds about, reading through Noah's Twitter timeline (and watching past clips) proves that this guy is ready to take on The Daily Show, and tackle a wide-range of topics.

1. He'll Shine Light On Injustices With Humor

Trevor Noah on YouTube

One thing we can expect with Noah is that, just like his predecessor, he's not afraid to call out injustices through humor. While Noah's routine above is filled with audience laughing, there's an underlying message in his routine in calling out injustices in societies.

2. He'll Reach The Kids

Look! He's young, he's hip, he's finna be a great host.

3. He'll Bring Attention To Powerful Women

Let's hope Noah continues to bring attention to badass women while incorporating humor at the same time.

4. He'll Tackle Racial Issues

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We can count on Noah for making us laugh, but don't expect to watch fluff TV. The topics that Noah will cover are going to be the conversations mainstream news channels are covering, but he'll find the perfect balance of keeping it educational and informative while still making it humorous.

5. He'll Inspire Viewers

Because if you don't walk away from The Daily Show having learned something, did you even watch it?

6. He'll Be A Relatable Host

Trevor Noah is just like you and me, just trying to figure out how to exit the On Demand feature without having to unplug the entire television set.

7. He'll Call Out Bullsh*t

Just like Stewart, expect a recurring theme of calling out some of the media and general society’s biggest inaccuracies and flaws. It's what we love most about the show, right? A news show that makes fun of the news.