Kanye West To Perform At Democractic National Convention Fundraiser & It's The First Step To Kanye 2020

And you thought Kanye West’s announcement at the VMAs was just a joke. Lucky for us, the declaration that Kanye West was going to be running for president in 2020 may not have been just for attention. Turns out the rap artist and Keeping Up With The Kardashians enthusiast might be more serious than anyone thought about breaking into politics, even after his interview declaring his seriousness. Because, like so many of the great politicians that came before, the rapper will be hobnobbing with some big wigs this political season when Kanye performs at a Democratic National Convention fundraiser on Oct. 10.

I mean, it’s no speech at the actual convention itself — remember when another newbie politician did that and later became the president ? — but the fact that West is stepping up and getting involved in some major political fundraising events might just be a more concrete sign that he’s actually serious about his 2020 run. Because what better way is there to endear yourself to a political party than to raise a ton of money for them? By performing at a fundraising event for the DNC in San Francisco, there’s a pretty good chance that Kanye West will be rubbing elbows with some very important people in the democratic party. Not only that, but he’ll be performing for some of the country’s wealthiest donors. And, if there’s one thing a presidential candidate needs more than even the support of his own party, it’s the support of some very rich people.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But maybe the best connection West will have the opportunity to make at this fundraiser is President Obama himself. The current President will be in attendance at the fundraising event, and, while he already has a slew of celebrity friends, it’s never too late to make a few more. And ,for West, it’s never too early to start milking the current president for some major endorsements. Seriously, how legitimate will his 2020 run look if the former president is backing him publicly?

My advice to Kanye West is to be on his best behavior at this fundraising event. Like, maybe prepare your speech ahead of time, and don't launch into any 20 minute rants. Just a suggestion.