John Oliver Took A Jab At Brian Williams' Pope Coverage, But It Went Even Further Than That

In a recap of Pope Francis's trip to the U.S. on Last Week Tonight Sunday, John Oliver took a jab at Brian Williams. After making fun of the crowds of people waving their iPhones in the pope's direction, Oliver declared that he had brought Williams back from the dead, after the NBC Nightly News anchor was suspended in February. Oliver said: "He was directly responsible for a miracle. Just watch how his arrival was reported on MSNBC ... Holy shit, he brought Brian Williams back from the dead! It’s a miracle!"

Oliver went on to make a joke about Williams's diminished credibility since it was revealed that his account of being on a helicopter that went down in Iraq in 2003 was inaccurate. The late-night host said: "Though I will say: Hearing Brian Williams report something now is like reading about it in the New Testament. I believe a man named Pope Francis exists, but a lot of the details were probably embellished." Following a six-month suspension, Williams returned in a less-prominent anchor position at MSNBC Tuesday. And Oliver highlighted many people's reluctance to fully trust the disgraced journalist after the scandal.

Not only did Oliver tease Williams's credibility, but he also made fun of the way he covered Pope Francis's visit on MSNBC. Oliver said, "For a man who has been off the air for so long, he spent a lot of time obsessing over one particular detail," introducing a montage of all the times Williams mentioned the pope's touch or said "tactile" during his broadcast, which was quite a few.

Oliver then said, "I think Brian Williams wants to pet the pope. I think he does." Considering that Williams is Catholic, he probably does want to touch Pope Francis.

The late-night host also mocked Pennsylvania Congressman Bob Brady for taking the pope's glass of water after the religious leader's address to Congress Thursday:

He drank the pope's water! I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I'm pretty sure that is not part of the Catholic faith. For the record, that is not holy water that you're slurping down and pouring over your grandchildren — it is the backwash from an old Argentinian man.

At least Williams wasn't alone in Oliver's pope-related ridicule. Watch the segment below.

Images: John Oliver/YouTube (5)