'Jane The Virgin' Is Coming To Netflix

In news that will make every telenovela fan and television marathon watcher happy, Netflix has acquired the rights to Jane the Virgin , the beloved CW show. Commence plans for the best Friday night in ever. Because, now that the show will be on Netflix, there is nothing stopping you from spending a night — or entire weekend — reliving some of Jane the Virgin's best episodes.

In case you’re new to the show, Jane the Virgin is a telenovela about Jane, a faith-driven and religious young woman who works at a hotel and is accidentally artificially inseminated. Oh, and did I mention she’s a virgin? When she decides to keep the baby, a whole lot of drama and romantic entanglement ensue. How exactly does a woman get artificially inseminated accidentally, you ask? Good question. You’ll have to watch the first episode to find out.

But there are other episodes that provide just as much drama and information as the pilot. Use the following list as a guide to the first season’s most important and most exciting episodes. That is, if you don’t have the time to watch the first season in its entirety. (No judgment! You know that’s what I’ll be doing the minute it’s released.)

1. "Chapter One"

Remember how it all started? Remember Jane working at a hotel to finance her studies and saving herself for marriage? Remember the moment she found out she was artificially inseminated by accident with her boss (and former kiss-partner!)'s sperm? Relive the beginning all over again with the first episode of the series.

2. "Chapter Three"

This was the episode where Jane and Rafael get to know each other with surprising emotional results. It was a game changer in their relationship for sure, and definitely an episode to rewatch.

3. "Chapter Seven"

The flashback where we learn more about how Jane and Rafael first met. This episode will have you remembering why you are, or are not, rooting for the two of them to get together. Or, if you’re new to the series, this episode will help you decide which team you’re on.

4. "Chapter Ten"

The one with the hurricane. And with Rafael and Michael being forced to spend time with each other. Why do the best episodes come out of characters being forced to be together for a long period of time?

5. "Chapter Twelve"

This was Jane’s big break: she gets the writing internship for Rogelio’s telenovela, and we see her come into her creative own. Gotta love that.

6. "Chapter Thirteen"

Jane is put on bedrest and fears that she might miss her college graduation. High drama and high stakes make this an episode you definitely should watch again.

7. "Chapter Nineteen"

The one with the baby shower! And with Rafael’s doubts about whether or not he and Jane can ever really be together.

8. "Chapter Twenty-One"

The one where Jane goes to her five-year high school reunion and seriously contemplates where she is in her life. Oh, and the one where she sues Rafael for sole custody. Let the baby mama drama begin!

9. "Chapter Twenty-Two"

The one where Jane goes into labor. Twice! It’s also where the series left off, so it’s worth revisiting if you just started watching during Season 2, or are wanting to remember all of that crazy end-of-the-season drama — including the insane twists like Jane giving birth to a boy, Petra taking some of Rafael’s sperm for herself, and the nurse stealing Jane’s baby and sending it off with Rose.

So, whether you’re new to the series and want a quick refresher, or a huge fan and want to revisit the most dramatic episodes, these are definitely the ones to watch. I know I will be.

Image: CBS Television Distribution (10)