'Jane The Virgin' Season 2 Spoilers From Diane Guerrero Suggest Lots Of Baby Mateo & Even More Dancing

If you're in need of some major news regarding The CW's critically acclaimed telenovela, then sit back, relax, and get ready for some Jane the Virgin Season 2 spoilers from star Diane Guerrero, who plays Jane's best friend, Lina. The actress, who can also be seen on Netflix's Orange Is the New Black as Maritza Ramos, offers some juicy details about the upcoming season, which will premiere on Oct. 12. However, rather than some boring old scoop, Guerrero provides emoji spoilers about the second season, which will surely be as exciting as the first.

For those who can't remember, the Season 1 finale ended with Jane giving birth to baby Mateo (aka the cutest baby ever) with Rafael, as well as a ton of other giant developments. Xo and Rogelio got married in Vegas, the Jane/Michael/Rafael love triangle was in full force, Petra ended up with Rafael's sperm sample totally unbeknownst to him, Michael might have gotten a lead on Sin Rostro thanks to his former partner Nadine, and, most shockingly, Sin Rostro kidnapped Mateo!

Yeah, Season 1 definitely ended with a bang, and I can only imagine what the sophomore season has in store for its fans. Until us die-hard JTV fans get to actually see it all in action on the small screen, let's analyze Guerrero's emoji spoilers that hopefully give away something major. *fingers crossed*

1. The Baby

This probably has to do with Mateo. I mean, he was kidnapped, after all. Plus, Jane being a mom is surely going to be a major part of the series from here on out. However, if this is truly a spoiler, then maybe it means Petra is going to use Rafael's sperm sample and have a baby of her own? Drama, drama, drama.

2. The Shocked Cat

Well, I think it's safe to say we're in store for a lot of surprises this season. Why else would Guerrero pick that specific cat emoji? Will fans be blown away by Jane making a choice between Michael and Rafael that leads to a wedding? Executive producer Jennie Urman did tell TV Line that's what the season will be leading to. Will fans finally learn Sin Rostro's big plan? Or, maybe Rogelio rescues a cat and they perform a show together?

3. All Those Emoji People

When Guerrero listed off these emojis, it came off as pairings. For example, "girl, boy," "boy, boy," and "girl, girl." Hmm... that's interesting. Does the first coupling represent Xo and Rogelio's marriage? Or, maybe it describes Jane and Michael/Rafael? Lastly, it could also illustrate Rogelio and his first wife. As for the second pairing, does that mean we're going to get more bromantic moments from Rogelio and Michael? Here's hoping! Also, it might symbolize Rafael's mysterious half-brother coming into town. Finally, the last pair could mean anything, but let's hope it just means more moments between Jane and Lina, because I'd love to see more focus on their friendship.

4. The Dancing Bunnies

I have no idea what this means, but here's hoping Xo and Britney Spears team up, show off their dance skills, and sing a song or two. Seeing as Britney is playing Rogelio's nemesis, he probably won't be too thrilled if this indeed happens.

What do you think will happen during Season 2? Whatever happens, I'm sure Jane the Virgin fans will love every minute of it.

Images: The CW; Giphy (3); janegifs/Tumblr