13 Body Pos Memes For Radical Self Love

by Sebastian Zulch

Body positivity has definitely become a buzzword as of late. Publications, blogs, and even ad campaigns have all started to jump on board, covering body pos people and promoting radical self acceptance through articles, hashtags, and even body positive memes. However, the idea of body positivity as a "trend" can be a little troubling, leaving you questioning whether websites or retailers that co-opt the phrase actually understand the concept. Being body positive is a difficult journey toward learning to love yourself, and attempting to redefine ideas of beauty that have formerly been too exclusive. It's also a highly necessary movement for marginalized identities who — in not receiving encouragement from mass media and society as a whole — may not be able to cope otherwise.

Part of how we can get this message out there lies in changing the media and art we consume to reflect our own identities, and to promote the idea of acceptance for all. Thankfully, there are hundreds of memes on Twitter and Instagram to be seen, as well as body positive art by folks like Cecile Dormeau.

Besides writing and art, however, pairing positive images with body pos messages creates a pretty effective way to circulate and share the mantras of the movement. So go ahead and make your own body pos memes, or share some of these 13 favorites from social media.

1. Radical Acceptance Of Your Body

Give loving attention and visibility to parts of your body like your belly and thighs. They deserve to be seen regardless of the judgments of others.

2. Your Fat Body Is Beautiful

This is just so true.

3. Back Off With Your Body Shaming Comments

Despite its pink, bunny, and rainbow-clad background, this meme gets right to the point, and I love it.

4. A Loving Conversation Between Your Body And Yourself

Remembering that your body does love you and that it does all it can to work for you and help you live life to the fullest might help you remember to be kind and gentle when in conversation with it. Your body deserves to hear good things, after all.

5. It's An Everyday Struggle

Body positivity is certainly not easy, and requires daily effort. However, it's important to remind yourself that you are working hard and kicking ass. This particular meme also refers to the difficulty of staying body positive while trying to lose weight, which is undoubtedly a topic worthy of discussion.

6. Beauty Comes From Within

Validate your fierceness every day, and remember that you are always worthy of the respect of others. It's hard, but it's important to disregard trolls (online and IRL) who police your body.

7. Be Carefree

Treat yourself with that end-of-the-day cupcake, do you, and eff the haters.

8. Remember Self Care

Don't forget to check in with your body and take the time to care for yourself. Being a body pos warrior can be exhausting, and you deserve some pampering.

9. Tell Your Bod What It Needs To Hear

This reads as a love letter to your body, and is a perfect reminder to practice self love. It's also great inspiration for your own body love letter — one you can read to yourself in the mirror.

10. Body Positivity For All

Body pos encouragement is also important for male-identified individuals, who deal with beauty norms regarding their own bodies as well. As the meme suggests, you don't need muscles to be beautiful.

11. Don't Compare Your Body To The Bodies Of Others

It's so easy to compare ourselves to celebrities and photos we see on social media, but it's never a practice that ends well. It's especially hard not to do this if you're dealing with nasty body negative trolls. This is a good mantra to break out when living in a media saturated world that doesn't usually encourage body positivity.

12. Abolish The Idea Of A "Real Woman"

There is no wrong or right way to be a woman, and the way you interpret your femininity is completely unique to you. Your body, your tattoos, your hair armpits: They are feminine if you choose them to be so.

13. Be the Leader of Your Empire

This is a great reminder that no one else has any say over your body, how it looks, or how you get to feel about it. Take back your body and own your definition of beauty.

It's hard to take ownership of your body and how you look at it, but try to remind yourself that you are in control of your own empire. It's yours and yours alone.

Images: joannathangiah/Instagram