'Spider-Gwen' Trailer Confirms Emma Stone Needs Her Own Spider-Man Spinoff — VIDEO

Emma Stone is an Oscar-nominated actress who flawlessly pulls off being a lead because of her charm and insane talent. She makes a pretty good case for why more women need to star in action films. But if her current resume isn't convincing enough, let's take a look at Vulture's fake trailer for Spider-Gwen , an imagined Spider-Man spinoff starring Gwen Stacy.

The trailer is three minutes of awesomeness compiled from different movies in Stone's catalog. While the video totally makes sense, plot-wise, the highlight is that Stone's sense of humor carries through. Spider-Man isn't known for his gracefulness, but the actress takes that to a new, yet humanizing, level.

The fake trailer also presents fans with a new story line: Tensions between Gwen and her father. The editing manages to make it work, while also reinforcing the empowering nature of Gwen's character. Seriously, Spider-Gwen is something that needs to happen ASAP.

You can watch the fake trailer for Spider-Gwen below. In case there's any doubts that Stone can and should have her own Spider-Man spinoff, here are 11 reasons she would be completely amazing.

New York Magazine on YouTube

1. She Doesn't Need A Love Interest To Be Engaging

Stone can carry a movie without a romantic storyline.

2. She Can Play The Underdog

And she's darn convincing, too.

3. She Can Ground A Movie

Stone has been the lead in numerous movies, proving leading-lady status is NBD.

4. She's Got Peter Parker-Level Charm

Part of what makes Peter Parker so appealing is his unassuming personality.

5. We Could Use More Female Superheroes

There's definitely a shortage in the genre, but Stone would be a welcome contribution to the solution.

6. Fourth Time Would Be The Charm

Spider-Man is getting its third movie reboot. A female-fronted version is the breath of fresh air the franchise needs.

7. It Would Diversify Stone's Resume

She's been a lot of things, but we have yet to see her in full-on superhero mode.

8. It Would Re-Define The Superhero Genre

And we definitely need a new perspective.

9. Stone Would Bring All Of The Humor

She would be hilarious and it would be perfect.

10. We Need More Emma Stone, Anyway

There will never be too many Emma Stone movies.

11. Gwen Stacy Is An Important Character

She's totally worthy of her own movie.

Everyone in agreement? Let's make this spinoff happen!

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