If Dean McDermott Cheated on Tori Spelling, More Than Just Their Marriage Is at Stake

Since her 90210 days ended way back in 2000, when you'd spend the day after Christmas trying on all of your new velour sweatsuits and trucker hats, Tori Spelling has taken a very personal approach to staying in the spotlight. She and her husband Dean McDermott have starred in a bunch of reality shows that follow their life as a growing family. But all of that is now in jeopardy, following reports that Dean McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling earlier this month.

Apparently when McDermott isn't busy filming Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood or Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever he's the host of Chopped Canada, and while promoting the series on Dec. 6, he allegedy invited Emily Goodhand to spend the night in his hotel room.

Goodhand told Us Weekly that she and McDermott slept together, and she stayed over in his hotel the following night as well. She also claims that McDermott told her that he was in a "sexless marriage."

If this is all true, it doesn't just mean McDermott and Spelling's marriage is at risk, but also their careers. The couple has been chronicled on various reality shows since 2007, with Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever, which follows the couple and their four children as they renovate a cabin, set to air next year. And yes, four children, ranging in age from just 16 months to 5 years.

Now that McDermott's affair has made headlines, Spelling has some decisions to make. Will she address the situation after letting fans into her personal life for years, or try to keep it private? What about the shows, will they still air?

When stars make their personal lives so decidedly public, it's hard to draw a line when something like this happens, but that's exactly what Spelling needs to do. Showing the world your new cabin isn't the same as letting them watch your heart be broken and for the sake of the couple's four young children, this should be handled delicately.