'Fear The Walking Dead' Is Getting An Airplane Themed Spin-Off, & It'll Probably Be Scarier Than These 12 Traveling Traumas

Just when you think there's nothing worse with a zombie apocalypse, somebody goes and makes a zombie apocalypse airborne. Earlier last month Entertainment Weekly reported that Fear The Walking Dead is getting an airplane-themed web series, and now the series has a decided-upon format and a shiny title: Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462. And it's really a stroke of brilliance, because you and I both know there is nothing scarier than travel.

Except, of course, travel with zombies, which is what this tie-in mini series is about. Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 will follow Fear the Walking Dead by focusing on the beginnings of the apocalypse and what happens when (surprise!) a passenger ends up infected with the virus. The series will tie back into Fear The Walking Dead by having a Flight 462 survivor join the cast in Season 2. I anticipate chaos, discord, turbulence, and absolute terror... with zombies and otherwise. The sad truth is that in a post-9/11 world, the premise of getting on a plane is the most nerve-wracking thing there is, and I'm sure this will tackle that anxiety head-on.

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 will hit AMC.com on October 4 and then will be broadcast in less-than-a-minute clips during the commercial breaks of The Walking Dead's October 11 season premiere. Until then, here are 12 travel traumas that are almost as scary as zombies on a plane.

1. When You're On A Bus To Philly That Transfers At Camden

It's bad enough that everyone on the bus itself is like, possibly a puppy killer or meth addict, but have fun waiting at the station of a Godless city.

2. When In-Flight Dinner Is $18 For A Sad BLT, So You Have To Resort To Lesser Food

Thank goodness you stole some strawberry yogurt from the hotel — it should satiate you for the next half a day.

3. When You Have a Cold, Are Trying To Nap It Out, And A Baby Starts Crying

All the way from Sacramento to Portland.

4. When Bae Gets Rough About Trying To Join The Mile High Club

This was a good idea in theory, but the bathroom is WAY too tiny for this to be moderately romantic and/or comfortable.

5. When Your 10 Hour Amtrak From Montreal Doesn't Get Wifi Until You Reach The States & You're Supposed To Work From The Train And Your Friend Is All Like, "LOL That's Ironic!"

Yeah, that's so funny, I'm totally not having an anxiety attack about losing my job and not being able to pay off those $24 baguettes, this is really hilarious and I'm not about to lose it at all!

6. When Your Train Hits A Deer & Your Phone Is Dead

Oh great, now Mom's going to wait at the Aberdeen-Matawan station for two hours while we resolve this and she's gonna be pissed.

7. When The Guy Next To You Smells Like He's Decomposing

I mean, you're still hungover and sweaty from your last night in LA, but this is ridiculous.

8. When Your Best Friend Threatens To Throw Up In The Uber

Jenny, no, roll down a window for goodness sake!

9. When Your Driver Kicks You Out Because Jenny Threw Up In The Uber

So whatever, I guess you're walking back to your parents house at 5 am.

10. When Your Flight Has Been Delayed For Four Hours & People Are Starting To Revolt

Newark International is just a step or two down from Camden in terms of Godlessness.

11. When Your Subway Lets Off At Penn Station & You Have To Get Past A Bunch Of Idiots To Make Your Train Home

Oh my god, everyone, I will not be stuck on one of the rush hour trains because you're moving together like cattle.

12. Likewise, When You Don't Have Service On The Subway & You Can't Check Hopstop To See If You're Doing It Right

Cut to: you sobbing hysterically on a platform in Sheepshead Bay because you went in the wrong direction.

I could go on, but you get the point. Hopefully your next trip will be a lot less stressful than Flight 462... and of course, sans actual walking dead.

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