Michael Urie & Becki Newton's "Super Secret" Project Better Be An 'Ugly Betty' Spin-Off — VIDEOS

It sure is a great day for my fellow Ugly Betty fans. Why? Well, apparently, former Ugly Betty co-stars Michael Urie and Becki Newton are working together on a "super secret" project. Last Friday, Urie broke the news by sharing an Instagram video featuring himself and Newton watching episodes of Ugly Betty. He captioned the post: "1) Doing research for super secret project w #beckinewton or 2) a normal Friday afternoon #supersecret #uglybetty." If that isn't exciting enough, Urie shared two more Instagram videos on Monday advertising some type of new project to come from the actors who once played best friends on Ugly Betty. Hmm... does this mean there is going to be an Ugly Betty spin-off with Urie and Newton's characters, Marc St. James and Amanda Tanen?

Anyone else freaking out just a little? OK, I mean a lot? This so-called "super secret" project could be anything, but I'm really hoping besties Marc and Amanda are going to get their own TV show. How amazing would that be? Marc and Amanda made the best of friends and had nothing but love for another. Yes, at times they were both rude and judgmental, but they had feelings and struggles, too. Plus, they supported each other through all of their tough times like best friends should do. Oh, and they were beyond hilarious. That's exactly why an Ugly Betty spin-off featuring these two fabulous actors and characters would be the best thing ever.

Sadly, no other details have been revealed about their upcoming project, but until then fans will just have to enjoy the above videos and these Marc and Amanda gifs:

Whatever their project is, I'll watch it, because it's Michael Urie and Becki Newton. They never fail to capture my heart.

Images: mar-o-wan, schizos-parade, jasminmina/Tumblr