15 Best Bar Gifts For The Aspiring Mixologist In Your Life

Sure, going to to grab a drink with your friends is fun and easy, but you know what's even better? Doing it at home — real pants optional. Building your personal stockpile of booze, mixers, and accoutrements means you're halfway there, but it's these gifts for cocktail lovers that will really put you on top. Assembling your bar cart might seem like a daunting task, but once you get familiar with the cranks, do-dads, and thingamabobs ("I've got 20"), your at-home cocktail game will be totally on-point. And the investment is absolutely worth it. If you think about how much money you spend out at bars, you'll realize that these tricks of the trade quickly pay for themselves.

The best part about learning to be your own bartender is that once you get comfortable with your assets, the options are endless. When you know what flavors you like and how your tools can work for you, you can play around and concoct to your heart's desire. And the gadgets available these days make it way easier than you'd think. These 15 bar tools are great, whether you're just beginning to play around with your at-home bar situation, spicing up your standard routine, or searching for the perfect hostess gift. But be warned... your living room is about to get super-popular.

1. Self-Chilling Wine Glasses

Self-Chilling Stemless Wine Glasses, $49, Amazon

Whoever thought of these things really deserves some sort of prize.

2. Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones, $9, Amazon

We know you take your whiskey seriously. These little guys will keep your whiskey cold without watering it down. Not into the darker stuff? We're sure these will work just as well with your favorite vodka, gin, or tequila.

3. A Muddler

Chunshop Outset Cocktail Muddler, $4, Amazon

Say it with me: "mo-hee-toe."

4. A Zester With A Channel Knife

OXO Good Grips Lemon Zester With Channel Knife, $8, Amazon

You know those little lemon zest twirlies you've gotten in fancy cocktails? You can do that all by yourself.

5. A Cocktail Shaker

Premium Cocktail Shaker Set With Jigger, $20, Amazon

This may seem obvious, but a good shaker is a necessity.

6. A Wine Vacuum

Fast O Vacuum Wine Preserver, $9, Amazon

The most useful thing you'll ever buy. Vacuum all the air out of your half-consumed bottle of wine, and it'll keep beautifully for days.

7. A Wine Foil Cutter

Edgy Wine Foil Cutter, $9, Amazon

Yeah, the sharp tip of a corkscrew will slice off your wine foil, but this is way cleaner — with virtually zero risk of injury.

8. The Perfect Mini Board

J.A. Henckels 3-Piece Bar Board Set, $12, Walmart

Good knives are crucial and will keep the edges of your cocktail garnishes super crisp. And how cute is this baby cutting board?

9. A Wine Chiller Stick And Spout

Wine Chiller Stick & Pourer, $10, Amazon

Impress your guests AND keep your wine at the perfect temp.

10. High-Tech Unbreakable Glasses

Silicone Wine Glasses, $13, Amazon

So, so smart. Plus, you can toss them across the room (empty) when you get mad!

11. The Ultimate Bar Book

The Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide To Over 1,000 Cocktails, $14, Amazon

This book may be little, but it's packed with all the info you'll ever need.

12. A Sphere-Ice Tray

QBez Ice Ball Maker Mold, $7, Amazon

How cool are these? Like a tiny, icy planet for your drink.

13. An Olive Stuffer

"Olive Express" Olive Stuffer, $11, Amazon

I did not know these existed, but now I'm so excited. Just think of how many different types of cheese you can stuff in your olives!

14. Glass Rimmer

Co-Rect 3-Tier Margarita Glass Rimmer, $9, Amazon

Your at-home margaritas just got so much more legit. You can even try using colored sugar or adding spices to your salt for all kinds of cool cocktails.

15. A Fancy Layering Tool

Vacu Vin Cocktail Layering Tool, $13, Amazon

Rainbows? Red, white, and blue? Christmas colors? Halloween colors? Endless opportunity.

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