13 Ear Tattoos For In & Behind Your Lovely Lobes

Of all the places to get inked, ear tattoos arguably make up one of the most unique placement options. They can be subtle when you want them to be (considering they can conveniently be hidden with your hair), but can also be a major source of cool girl cred once you throw your locks back to reveal your unconventional accessory. Sometimes they can even double as actual accessories when placed in areas that would normally hold jewelry, like your earlobe or cartilage. However, the canvas that you have to work with is quite limited, so if your expectations are beyond a small and simple design, you'll have to get creative.

I first became obsessed with the idea of getting an ear tattoo when I saw one of my editors' spiderweb design on her inner cartilage. It seemed so cool and the tattoo was in such a different spot that I was immediately intrigued. However, the idea of putting a needle that close to my ear canal troubled me. I mean, the ear consists of such floppy and soft skin, so I imagine the pain involved in putting a tattoo gun against it would be substantial. A little numbing cream goes a long way, though, and whatever the process may be like (regardless of the pain), the adorable result will definitely be worth it. So fall in love with the idea of ear ink and check out some of these adorable tattoo ideas for your own lobe area.

1. Paw Prints

Commemorate your favorite four-legged friend with little black paw prints behind your ear.

2. Constellations

Get celestial and honor your favorite constellation with your ink.

3. Lunar Tattoo

Embrace the powers of Mother Luna and get a crescent moon tatt.

4. Black And White Floral

Rock a gorgeous floral design and embrace those black and white aesthetics.

5. Feline Power

For anyone who's as obsessed with leopard print as I am, check out this glorious idea.

6. Quirky

Hayley Williams' little cloud and lightning bolt tattoo is adorable. Plus, it's got that DIY aesthetic.

7. Feathers

Just because most ear tattoos are small doesn't mean you can't go big. Take flight with a beautiful feather behind your ear.

8. Intricate

This gorgeous bare tree with its incredibly intricate branches is the perfect design if you're looking for a dainty tatt to adorn your ear with.

9. For The Forever Young

Pay tribute to one of your favorite Disney movies as well as the idea of eternal youth and whimsy.

10. Buzzworthy

Is this not the coolest tattoo you've ever seen? With a bee in the ear and a more abstractly drawn hive behind the ear and down the neck, it's way more immersive than your average ear ink.

11. Poisonous

There's nothing more badass than a tattoo of a poisonous animal like a spider or scorpion. Put it on more sensitive parts of your body, like your hand or ear, and you'll up your cool game exponentially.

12. Touch Of Luxury

Who can afford diamonds? Give your ear a touch of luxury with a jewel tattoo like Cara Delevingne.

13. Details

Little detail tats, like these arrows on the earlobe and rings on the cartilage, are cute, simple, and double as accessories.

Who's ready to hit the parlor with me?

Images: merlijnhoek/Flickr