Is Dane From 'Below Deck' Single? "It's Complicated" Is Not A Legit Relationship Status

Good looking deckhands are practically a requirement on Below Deck, and so is unrequited crushes or relationships between crew members, so new deckhand Dane needs to be on alert. And the newbie is going to have to watch his onscreen behavior, because Below Deck deckhand Dane's relationship status is one big question mark. After a warm reception from the crew's ladies, he's been flirting his way around the boat, even working in a Rocky Dakota foot rub. Overall, Dane is making an OK first impression so far, since he's at least worked on a yacht before and looks good in the uniform. Of course, he also nearly got fired by jumping into the hot tub with some guests, but at least he didn't fry himself with the radar. The bar for professionalism on Below Deck starts pretty low, at "willing to listen to directions."

But with his eagerness to please those cute guests with some hot tub time and the reaction of the female crewmembers to his appearance, it seems like Dane is keeping his relationship status mysterious as he embarks on a charter with potential love interests. And guess who agrees with my analysis? None other than hero to the people and true star of Below Deck, Captain Lee. He was blasting Dane on Twitter while the whole Hot Tub-Gate fiasco was going down.

Captain Lee's first post-Dane Bravo blog is also filled with scathing assessments of the deckhand's game, like "So your reply of, 'It’s complicated,' translated to I want to have my cake and eat it too." The captain then finishes his blog with a devastating blow: "I certainly hope your overall game improves, because I’m not impressed with anything I see so far." Ouch.

If Dane was in a relationship during the filming of Below Deck, though again, he hasn't made that clear, I'd be willing to bet that he doesn't have one now. But it's actually hard to tell whether the IRL Dane is a ladies' man or a serial monogamist, because his online presence is buried — or just plain doesn't exist. None of the Below Deck cast follows him on Twitter, and any search for "Below Deck Dane" turns up no juicy Facebook or Instagram pics of the guy with a current or former GF. Right now, he's acting innocent, but I'm sure as the season goes on, Dane won't be able to rely on his "chill" attitude for much longer in order to get slack from his coworkers.

He's already on thin ice with the captain, and probably ruined his relationship with his hypothetical girlfriend. Seems like Dane should probably quit flirting with Rocky and get to work on the deck... but this is Below Deck, so who are we kidding — I'm sure there will be plenty of flirtation in Dane's future. Welcome to the cast, buddy.

Image: Screenshot/Bravo