Eddie Lucas Is Busy When Not On 'Below Deck'

by Kayla Hawkins

Season 3 of Below Deck has not been easy for Eddie Lucas. He's always been like the Homecoming King of the show, an easygoing, cool guy who has a steady girlfriend back back home... but this season, that steady relationship is under fire with accusations of infidelity. But what does Eddie do when he's not filming Below Deck ? He has a successful career going in the offseason, just like most of his costars. And that is no surprise to anyone who's watched the show. Unlike some of the more controversial members of the crew (everyone from Andrew in Season 2 to brand new hire Dane), Eddie has rarely gotten a lecture from Captain Lee, and his work actually earned him a promotion from deckhand to bosun between Seasons 1 and 2.

That promotion has extended into his career outside of the show, because Eddie is becoming an accomplished man of the sea, even when not filming the Bravo series. Actually, Eddie runs in some different circles than the rest of his Below Deck costars. While most of them exclusively work in the yachting industry, Eddie has more diverse skills, which he hasn't gotten the chance to showcase onscreen yet.

He Works On Tugboats

#tuglife is a very real thing for Eddie, since most of his rare Instagram photos have been from his work as a tugboat crewmember in Baltimore.

He's Really Into Phish

A guy can't work nonstop — and Eddie chooses to spend his time off unwinding with one of the most laidback bands in history.

He Fly Fishes

Another hobby for Eddie is fly fishing in the rivers of Maryland.

He's Not In The Heart Of The Yacht Industry

Since Eddie works in Maryland much of the year, he's lives there instead of Fort Lauderdale, which is the offseason home city of most of the Below Deck crew.

But That Doesn't Mean That He's Given Up On Yachting

Eddie also visits the Caribbean when he occasionally picks up a yachting gig. He's still an accomplished yachting bosun, he just makes most of his offscreen living in a different city and working a more industrial job.

And He's Growing a Pretty Impressive Beard

I'm curious to see if Eddie's beard manages to last until filming Below Deck Season 4. I think he could even become a villain if he keeps it. He's always been the clean cut, happy guy on Below Deck — but there's more than one side to Eddie Lucas, and maybe the series will show some of those different sides in later episodes or even future seasons.

But even if his Below Deck persona remains squeaky clean, know that once the show stops filming, Eddie keeps himself very busy.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo