Captain Lee & Eddie Have A Moment On 'Below Deck'

Things haven't been going so well for Eddie on Season 3 of Below Deck . First, he had to deal with a rebellious deckhand in Don, and now for the past couple of episodes, he has hit some rough waters with his girlfriend Amy back home. Unfortunately, Eddie seems to have let all of this drama get the best of him this season, and he needs to snap out of it if he doesn't want a plane ticket home. Luckily, our trusty Captain Lee is there to dole out some helpful advice to help Eddie get his head back into the game, which he so desperately needs to do.

After a successful-but-not-perfect charter, Eddie and Captain Lee had a heart-to-heart in the yacht's hot tub during Tuesday night's episode. Yes, that slash fic you wrote and/or dream you had last night did just come true. But we all know that Captain Lee doesn't really do heart-to-hearts, so it was more like he gave Eddie a stern talking to, but all the same, it was what Eddie needed to hear.

Captain Lee asked Eddie what was going on in his relationship since he knew things had been tense between him and his girlfriend. Eddie, of course, said not well, to which Captain Lee said that relationships should not be painful. Captain Lee went on to say that his wife knows how hard things can get out at sea, so she knows not to put any extra pressure on him. Maybe if this whole yachting thing doesn't work out, Captain Lee can become a relationship coach. I'm not going to lie. He's already kind of my life coach.

Eddie, ever the level-headed and hardworking bosun, took Captain Lee's comments to heart. We all know that when Captain Lee talks, you listen, but hopefully Eddie really did get what Captain Lee was saying and will sharpen his focus on the job once again. I can't imagine Below Deck without you, Eddie, so you need to get it together, OK? This is not just about you.

Unfortunately, the preview for next week's episode made it look like either Eddie, Emile, or Dane will be getting a plane ticket home from Captain Lee. Emile and Dane have both done stupid things on board the Eros, so I wouldn't be surprised if it one of them got the boot. If you couldn't already tell, I would much prefer that as well. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that Eddie will be the one to leave next Tuesday night. It just seems like Below Deck has been hinting that Eddie has too much going on in his life off the boat to be able to continue to do his duties properly.

But then again, there's a whole bunch of drama with Eddie we have still yet to see on Below Deck this season, including that rumored hookup with Rocky, so maybe he won't be the one to leave after all. All I can do is hope that's the case.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Giphy