Will Maddie Ziegler Return To 'DWTS'?

Maddie Ziegler is still not even a teenager and is absolutely killing it! While the young dancer is known for her role on Dance Moms and for being Sia's muse, she recently shared that she wants to pursue another love of hers: acting. Ziegler made her scripted television debut on Pretty Little Liars this summer, where she played a ghostly dancer. But that was obviously not the first time Ziegler has graced the TV screens. Aside from starring in the reality show that made her famous, Ziegler guest starred on one of America's favorite dance competitions last season, so some fans might be wondering if Maddie Ziegler will return to Dancing With the Stars for Season 21?

It would only make sense that she continued her takeover of the small screen before she slowly steps into the world of film. She recently starred in a short dance film, Lucky Thirteen, which was narrated by ultimate cool, indie girl Chloë Sevigny and was an ode to her upcoming thirteenth birthday on Sept. 30. The short shows Ziegler wearing '90s inspired threads while dancing around an idyllic town and being herself. So, will she grace our screens once again?

Earlier this month, Sia announced that she was directing a short film in which Ziegler would obviously be starring, because who else could do the job as well as her? This got me thinking that the 12-year-old might be a little held up this fall with the project and preparing for the next season of Dance Moms, which she was just announced to be a part of. But based on her history with DWTS, it seems like she may be able to find some time to appear on the 21st season.

Ziegler's history with Dancing With the Stars is a long one. She first appeared on the show in September 2014 to perform a live version of her "Chandelier" choreography with pro dancer Allison Holker. Her relationship with the dancer runs deep. Holker said in an interview with Channel Guide, "Maddie has taken dance lessons from me over the years so we’ve grown fond of each other and it’s interesting that a lot of people thing we’re sisters."

Ziegler also appeared twice last season, performing in a trio along to Josh Groban's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and again in a powerful performance with Julianne and Derek Hough set to Sia's "Elastic Heart." I also noticed that Ziegler is friends with Hayes Grier, who is a contestant on this season and she has already been offering him support while he competes:

Based on her deep rooted connection to the show and her support for the dancers and contestants this season, I would say that Ziegler is bound to make an appearance on Season 21, even though she hasn't confirmed anything else. If she's pursuing being the triple threat that she wants to be, a little help from the millions of devoted DTWS fans could do just the trick.