Don't Look For More Of Maddie Ziegler On 'PLL'

By Kaitlin Reilly

I never thought that a perpetually-smiling Dance Moms star would be capable of evoking fear in anyone, but after watching Tuesday's Pretty Little Liars episode "She's No Angel" my opinion has forever changed. Maddie Ziegler guest starred on Pretty Little Liars as a character from Spencer's nightmare, and it was way scarier than anything that's ever gone down at Abby Lee's dance company — not an easy task at all, mind you. Ziegler did a fantastically creepy dance in one of the creepiest places on Pretty Little Liars, the abandoned Radley Sanitarium. It was a bold move on the show's part and definitely one that paid off. So will Ziegler return to Pretty Little Liars Season 6 for more scares? Here's what I could gather.

According to Ziegler's IMDb page, "She's No Angel" is the only episode that she's appearing in this season. That makes sense — as cool as it was to see Ziegler, we already know what her purpose was on the series. Her character was there to guide Spencer to the Radley files, and we already know that her identity came from a large poster hanging right outside that scary room's door. It seems that Ziegler's character isn't so much a legitimate person as she is a dream image conjured up in Spencer's head, perhaps to represent a young Lesli Stone or even Spencer herself, so it would be a little odd to have her recur on the series as essentially a figment of the Liar's subconscious. For more on Ziegler's creepy, interesting sequence, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast below as the hosts try to figure out just what was happening.

That's pretty much what executive producer Oliver Goldstick said when discussing Ziegler's role with Entertainment Weekly. He explained that Ziegler's people approached him about a role on the show for Season 5, as Ziegler herself is a huge Pretty Little Liars fan. He didn't have a slot for her in Season 5, but did make a point to include her in Season 6 for a dance number.

After the dollhouse in the last finale I thought, okay, we’re already in a place where we don’t know who was in that bunker besides our girls, so the idea was we would find a way to create, at least if not a legitimate sequence, a fantasy sequence.

It seems very likely that Ziegler's role on Pretty Little Liars won't extend further into Season 6, so it looks like we'll have to wait for another potential Sia video to see Ziegler's avant garde dance moves. Of course, let's not jump to conclusions too quickly. This is Pretty Little Liars, after all — for all we know, Ziegler could turn out to be Charles.