Who Is Alex Stanbury On 'Ladies Of London'? Sophie's Husband Has Known One Lady All His Life

There's a new Lady on Bravo's Ladies of London on the scene and she has made quite an entrance after the firework-filled New Year's Eve episode of the London-based reality show. Sophie Stanbury joined the women for their glamorous evening of yoga-stands and onesies, and boy, did she made her presence known. Sophie's addition to the group doesn't come as much of a surprise, as she's related to one of the other Ladies. Sophie's husband, Alex Stanbury, is Ladies of London queen bee Caroline Stanbury's brother — which really makes this show a family reunion of sorts.

As it turns out, Sophie isn't just Caroline's sister-in-law, but she's also her friend. As we saw on the first part of the New Year's Eve episode, Caroline explained that she was the one who introduced her longtime friend Sophie to her brother, Alex. Clearly Alex and Sophie hit it off, because now they're all one big happy family, and I bet their holiday parties are amazing and beautiful and so opulent. So who is Alex Stanbury? Well, while he might not be wearing a unicorn onesie like his sister, he definitely has been just as successful as Caroline. Here's what you need to know what about the most well-connected Ladies of London husband.

He Is Currently The CEO Of An Oil & Gas Company

Alex is currently the CEO, CFO, secretary, treasurer, and director of Black River Petroleum Corp. The Nashville-based company works on exploration and development of resources. Alex has been in this position since the end of 2012, but has held many influential business positions (think investment banking, financial consulting, etc.) before his move to Black River Petroleum Corp., according to Bloomberg.

He's A Father Of Two

Sophie and Alex are the parents of two adorable sons. Their children are named Harry and Finn, and look how adorable they are. This is frame-in-your-apartment-even-though-you're-not-related kind of photo.

Him & Sophie Weren't Supposed To Last

Caroline Stanbury said during a talking head interview that her introduction of Sophie and Alex wasn't meant to be anything more than a "fling." Things clearly didn't work out how Caroline saw them going, but I'm sure she's thrilled that her friend is now her sister-in-law.

He Might Not Know How To Take A Selfie

Sophie posted this photo of her husband, who was supposed to be taking a photo of her. I'm slightly surprised that someone who is related to Caroline Stanbury isn't more in tune with mastering the art of the selfie, but I won't hold it against him. It's pretty damn funny.

Images: Sophie Stanbury/Instagram